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  1. Just thought I'd update this thread for anyone else who finds themselves in this situation. I ended up getting approved for the full amount (incl. credit card and all other perks) from RBC with no cosigner. There were no issues and their customer service was amazing. On another note - make sure your advisor knows that they are doing. I contacted an advisor from the Scotiabank list above and still ended up with someone who didn't handle my application properly.
  2. Yes I contacted one of the advisors on that list. However, I did end up contacting RBC today and it sounds like my application won't be a problem. Here's hoping it works out
  3. No bankrupcies and I'm going to a school in Canada. Credit took a hit a couple years ago (really rough times), but I've been building it up. I don't have any large debt (no student loans/LOCs), but I have a couple small credit cards and a small auto loan (no late payments). Would it be even harder to get a LOC with RBC?
  4. Hi! Just wondering if anyone else has had their LOC with Scotiabank denied. They're asking for a co-signor, but I'm wondering if I should try RBC first. Has anyone been successful with a co-signor? It's hard to find anyone on these forums who has been denied, so if anyone has gone through this, could you please PM me? I am majorly stressing out right now...
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