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  1. Result: Geography: (OOP/IP) GPA: MCAT: Degree : EC: Interview:
  2. My advice - make a pros and cons list to each but don't make a definitive choice. Continue to update the list over the year(s). Explore both fields as potential career choices. It's still very early in you diagnosis: you'll have better insight on which area you want + fits you better once you've gone through the channels, started meds, took care of urself, etc. It probably feels out of hand right now and messy - but you will get a better handle/grip on this and everything will fall into place. There is no way to predict how you do when BP is managed. And you can't predict how you do on
  3. Does anyone know the CRU for double majors in BIO & PSYCH at uO?? Merci!!!
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