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  1. I'm an OOP moving to BC and looking to get a place for the duration of medical school. Ideally, I'd want a place where commuting to UBC and VGH is okay via car and or bus. I know Kitsilano is a good suggestion. How is downtown area closer to the bridges? In addition, how about areas around the Queen Elizabeth Park?
  2. Timestamp: May 27 3:43 pm EST (Off Wait-List) Accepted VFMP (1st choice) Early or regular deadline: Regular AGPA: 86.11% MCAT: 509 (127/125/129/128) Year: Graduating June 2019 ECs: Extensive, no publications, international level sport, and much more (you can message me for more info). My NAQ score must have been decent since my average as an OOP wasn’t that high. Geography: OOP Interview: originally thought it went well but after 3 months, I convinced myself it was terrible!! First application to ubc and thrilled to have an acceptance!
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