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  1. For people who are on Western's waitlist - I recieved a call and was offered a spot for the PT program! I was in the upper third of the waitlist, so looks like calls have started going out and it's moving. I will be accepting the spot as Western was my top choice. Good luck to those still waiting to hear!
  2. Firstly, thank you to OP for creating this thread! I recieved an unconditional offer to GCU for Jan 2020 and am excited to hear from and meet other Canadian students potentially considering the program. @PThopeful18 I'm not sure if this is any help as I don't recall having access to a portal to see the status of my application, but I heard the results of my interview via email exactly 1 week afterwards! The lady I interviewed with had also told me that if I didn't hear back approximately one week after, that I could contact the admissions office to find out the status of my application. I
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