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  1. That’s what I thought! Also, how should I go about turning a PI down if I were to be in that situation?
  2. Hello everyone, Say if I win 2 research awards but only allowed to take one, should I include both in the awards section of the ABS(as in I’ve won them)? Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot for your advice! I have another question regarding NSERC. This summer I took a course at another institution as a non-program/visiting student. Do I need to provide the transcript for that course when applying for USRA?
  4. Hello everyone, I’m a 2nd-year and last week I cold emailed some profs to be my supervisor as I apply for NSERC. Luckily, one agreed to be my supervisor and told me that he wanted to have a meeting this week. Since he didn’t specify the purpose of the meeting, my question is that will this serve as an interview or just a casual meeting to discuss the application? It doesn’t sound like an interview to me since he seems to have accepted me, but if it was, are there any tips? Thank you in advance!
  5. I believe that some applicants like myself whose English is their 2nd language and for them, practicing CASPer is also a way to practice how they form coherent ideas and thoughts quickly in English and I suppose it would be very beneficial in that sense. Also, for some people, it might not be intuitive for them to think on the spot with an ethical decision, and practicing a lot would help them to at least be familiar with a stringent structure or formula that they could follow during the test so that they would have more time to think about the content rather than how they would form their res
  6. Hello everyone, hope y'all having a nice day! I was just wondering if anyone has reapplied more than 3 times and get accepted? What do you do in the meantime?
  7. Can anyone who has taken courses at Athabasca tell me how strict they are with the prereqs required for enrolling in the course? For instance, I want to take CHEM 301 and they need orgo 1 and 2 as the prereqs but I have only done orgo 1, can I still enroll?
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