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  1. Result: Acceptance!! Timestamp: Didn't actually get an email, but opened the letter in launchpad around 9:15AM Geography: IP GPA: 3.72 MCAT: 507 (126/125/127/129) Degree: BScN ECs: Filled out all 16 entries (I'll give the cliff notes) 6 years of emergency nursing experience, as well as employment positions prior to nursing 3 years in a leadership position as a volunteer coordinator and office admin, assisting with vulnerable populations in my community through a social service agency. 2 years of volunteering with an advocacy center for chi
  2. Okay thank you! oh my, I was panicked lol I am an alumni (several year graduated) and I have the updated message about a tuition deposit for new students.
  3. How does it appear on mobile? I can’t check a computer and don’t know if it would show up on the mobile equivalent for beartracks
  4. Just to prep for the upcoming invites/regrets, here is a blank response template Result: Timestamp: Geography: GPA: MCAT: Degree: ECs: Interview: Thoughts:
  5. I used the reference number that’s on launchpad
  6. Time Stamp: 1:04pm MST Result: INVITE!GPA: 3.72MCAT: 507 (126/125/127/129)Current/Past Degree: BScNGeography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities score (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): various volunteer positions working with vulnerable communities, a couple strong leadership positions, allied health employment. I tried to really “be myself” in the written portions of my app so they could get a tiny sense of “me” as a person aside from just my ECs. CASPer: unsure as it’s hard to gauge, seemed okay-ish This is my second time applying, last year I didn’t
  7. No, that only comes in the feedback letter for those who don’t get interviews. It takes a few months for it to be released!
  8. Exactly this! I just need to know what type of “stressed” I’m going to be for this next while
  9. May I also ask, do we actually "submit" the application anywhere? I have completed all of my forms, and everything is "checked off" except for my casper exam. I just want to check to make sure there aren't any other glitches happening here, and I don't see a button to submit the application itself. Thanks
  10. I emailed them and they responded immediately, saying they are working on the issue.
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