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  1. OOP - same!! Switched from SMP to VFMP. Hope this helps someone!
  2. This forum really helped keep me sane and not get too down. Felt like I owed this to other waitlisters. Don’t give up hope, there’s still another round to come! OOP Timestamp: June 11 1:50 pm EST (Off Wait-List) Accepted SMP (3rd Choice)
  3. Just to clarify, would you take VFMP over your U of T offer?
  4. If any OOP is going to decline, would really appreciate if you could post... for my sanity
  5. Anyone know if round 3 will be on Monday or Tuesday? The blog said after the deadline, but not really sure when the deadline is on Monday
  6. I’m OOP waitlist and am still waiting. Does this mean most likely reject?
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