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  1. How do you think the university of Ottawa will consider someone who repeat a class to improve his gpa ? Will it affect the admission for pt?
  2. ok thank you for the answer Im gonna also try Toronto . But do you know about uoTttawa how the CV is important ?
  3. Hi, I am a billingual biomed student who is interested to apply as a pt for uottawa. I have a sGPA of 3,90 and I have done all the prerequesities . The problem is that I have a very weak CV, with only short terms volunteering and work . I also dont have any pt experience, but I will start in july to volunteer in a pt clinic. I am also studying in uOttawa, but I live in Gatineau. Do you think that I still have a chance to get an invite . How important is the CV in this whole process and at wich point of the applications it is checked?
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