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  1. can you request transcript through OMSAS?
  2. Hey Everyone!! Queens will apparently send Panel invites based on MMI + FIle Review. I wanted to start this thread for those who received or didn't recieve Panel invites coming out between March 12th and March 16th . Please share the date/time you receive a "Panel" Interview Invite!! Thanks!!
  3. It still isn't too late to join! We will be making seperate groups as more join! Wondering who wants to join in for some interview practice, especially since all of them will pretty much be online. PM we can arrange some prep together!
  4. I mean Ottawa waitlist moved a bit initially, then was quiet for a while until recently this week there was a decent size wave. Maybe it’ll be the same for us?
  5. They have been awfully quiet. I’m not sure if the waves are so small that the 1 or 2 ppl given offers over this week are not active on this forum or that they waiting on releasing a decent size wave later this week or next week. Or the class is full already
  6. Its just so late with silence. Usually Queens gives out offers in morning
  7. I'm like 80% sure they probs already sent it out
  8. Is it possible to email about waitlist position?
  9. I think it will be Tuesday (June 2nd) this week?
  10. I guess that's a wrap for first waitlist movement wave. Another week of waiting I guess.
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