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  1. I don't mean to sound ignorant but what do you think that entails? All I know is that timestamps so far seems to be a very good indicator of one's waitlist position.
  2. This is also my worry, I did call on Friday and they said they weren't done but also that they weren't sure after more questions. I wasn't talking to Chantel, someone else who isnt in charge of the calling/emailing process. The only reason why this is actually worrying me is how many people got off the waitlist on wednesday. Compared to previous year forums we had by far the most on the first day. I also know three people personally who got off on wednesday. It seems like they've already sent out a decent number of spots, considering we've also moved through the end of 7:17 and most of 7
  3. I'd expect there to be more offers sent out today considering someone here posted that they haven't finished the first wave. It seemed because she left the office yesterday early she didnt want to send out emails asking to call when shes not there. The office normally closes 4:30 pm but I'd expect us to hear around 1 pm like on Wednesday.
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