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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! I understand my take on careers is not ideal, trust me I know. But I am trying to tackle it the best way I can or know how to, and that is assessing my potential options first and spending the year post the application to research the fields and make an informed decision. However, I do not want to waste any more years and get in as soon as I can, so I have to apply by the end of the summer. I am a hard worker, have great communication skills, have a "strong" heart so I can handle stressful scenes or work well under pressure. I love sciences, want a stable and goo
  2. Hey guys, I just finished my degree in psychology just now. I havent done any professional school admission test yet. I dont know which path is the best for me. I was always aiming for med school, but now Im considering the stressful aspects of it and how it will take a long time before I am in the field, especially if I want to specialize. I am considering optometry or even dentistry now. I cannot volunteer right now due to covid-19 situation to narrow my options. I plan on studying and applying to professional schools this summer so I can have a spot by next year. I have a good GPa. I just n
  3. oh I see! Psych department keeps changing. Would you recommend any good 4th year psyc courses? something A/A+ doable?
  4. what 4th year level psyc courses did you take or recommend? I’m kind of having a hard time finding any
  5. do you guys wanna start a whatsapp or facebook group, or even imessage if you guys have iphones?
  6. hey guys! do you wanna stay in touch as I am in the same boat as well, going to my 4th year. maybe we can help each other
  7. when they considered your top 2 years, did those two years have any online courses?
  8. Im kind of confused on what I should do. or which medical school to apply to.. this is my situation: 1st year: did 9 (half year) courses with a GPA of 3.00 2nd year: did 10 half year courses (5 full year courses) with a GPA of 3.94 + 1 half year course in the summer after (I got an A/3.8 on) 3rd year: did 10 half year courses with a GPA of ~3.84 currently doing a full year summer course Im going to my 4th year in September 2019 I still haven't done my MCAT and don't have research experience yet. ! I would appreciate ANY advice....
  9. Does Mcmaster include all years in the GPA calculation? do summer courses count?
  10. Hey guys Im just confused whether or not to enroll in an online course next year in the fear that it may not be considered ?
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