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  1. I think you need to reside in QC for one year while not attending school full-time. Memory is foggy but you can search the admissions page, they have the breakdown here https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/elements/proof-citizenship-or-residency
  2. Also here is the link for the interviews with the documents. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/mdis You will get it by e-mail later tonight if you are invited! Enjoy the info on how the interview will work, seems rough!
  3. If ever you can't log on and don't have a mcgill email, you can search in your email inbox. They send a confirmation with that number or even look at your workbook lol!
  4. Doubt it will be that fast. I've seen bumps on the waitlist until the day before interviews. You have to fill out a few documents which will need to be processed including NDA and language selection for the interview. That being said, end of next week is probably a good time to expect some movement. Last year the list moved quite a bit, I am not as sure what this year will bring considering the travel aspect will be voided considering its video interview. I know a few people who could not attend certain interviews due to travel time, etc. Fingers crossed for you!!!!
  5. 10:02 got an invite as IP last name M if they do use that order but I doubts.
  6. People have like 2-3 business days to send in their answers. So once that is done, they will update!
  7. Yes it does! Time is indicated in the lower section of your items list in the same minerva page where you saw the further review required. Email usually comes at night with the attached NDA and selection documents!
  8. It feels like every second is a minute to be honest. My arms are shaking but it is faster if you ask me than last year. I got my invite around 10am, I started seeing info coming in a lot later to my recollection but ya. It'll arrive!
  9. EDIT : Thank the stars!! TIME STAMP: 10:02 Result: Invite / Waitlist / Regrets : Invite GPA: 3.83 ECs (CV): Worked for 12 years in healthcare and 5 years as a clinician. I got 2 awards and was involved in politics for a bit. Nothing special to be honest, just clinical experience and member of an Order. I also do pro-bono supervision and counselling for healthcare workers during COVID times. No research. Year: UG, professional UG, Masters, PhD : 2 Bachelors 1 Masters 1 Certificate Feelings about Casper: I went well. I answered all questions with what I think is an adequate amo
  10. Bonjour! Je vais te donner une opinion très personnelle concernant cette question car j'ai moi-même fait un BSc. en psychologie. Je me suis par la suite ré-usiné dans un autre domaine très similaire et j'ai complété un BSW et MSW par la suite. Mon expérience en psychologie a été relativement difficile car c'était la première fois que les cours était aussi abstraits et les évaluations ridicules. Donc si tu es confiant d'avoir des notes exceptionelles en plus d'avoir un plan de carrière si jamais tu vois que ton admission en médecine n'arrive pas tout de suite, alors vas-y!!!!! J
  11. From what I understand the new campus will split the current amount of MedP applicants into 2 groups. One in gatineau with something like 20 ish seats and the rest remain in montreal. Not 100% sure, hard to check right now though. FYI all my info is from the admission website, nothing secret really.
  12. The tentative number for IP Qc Uni entry is 76. Every year, ~180-183 MDCM spots were available which includes 2nd year MedP + NTP + INTL + Qc Uni + OoP + OMFS + MDCM/PhD. Overall this means that if no changes occur in the other categories, we will likely see similar numbers. Right now, the estimated numbers are -8 compared to last year. Generally, we see about a 1 spot for 3 interviewees in the IP Qc Uni category. 76 x 3 = 228. Seems in line with previous years if that is their calculation. They do not add deferrals into these initials numbers though and each university has a set amount of sea
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