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  1. My CEGEP transcript is pretty garbage and I got accepted as a university applicant. To be fair, I finished CEGEP 14 years ago........ I have never seen such an inclusive admission program for this and other faculties at McGill. Every other place I could apply would probably tank me on the basis of one term in CEGEP so. Praise be to McGill. I would not worry and just focus on getting the best possible grades and CV.
  2. I got it done at CLSC Rene-Cassin in Cavendish. It is important to mention that you need to complete the hospital/healthcare/medicine immunizations when you talk to the centrale de rendez-vous. If they say they don't do it, call the ombudsperson for the CIUSSS or CISSS you will get a call back within the week with an appointment. CLSCs are not allowed to refuse immunizations without referring you to another CLSC that will accept you. Complain and it'll get done. The nurse I met was super nice but she was a bit surprised that we had these forms to fill and she suggested that I go to my fa
  3. Sorry but I didn't ask specifically. That being said if they are required, you can book an appointment with you CLSC. If you do the TST, it has to be given by a nurse (md too but lollll). Most Clsc nurses can request Igg and surface antigen/antibody serology because the clsc follows the immunization protocols which also should include the hep B vaccine for free under some hospital worker/healthcare student program. When I did it originally in 2019, I didn't pay anything and the nurse (BScN) did everything from the serology request, TST, immunizations that I didn't have documents for.
  4. Hello people, I talked to the admission office about the immunization form and I was told that the 2020 one would be fine as well and she gave me the green light to go and have it filled. I would assume they want everyone to complete as much as possible as soon as possible to have it verified by the staff. Hope this helps,
  5. I did mine in 2019 initially but I already booked an appointment for the 3rd TST I have to do. I printed the 2020 one and hopefully it will be enough. The more annoying things to do are the IGG and hep B serology. I thought they do both surface antibody and antigens but some labs only do one if not specified. Last year it was enough to show that you had vacc + boosters. I wasn't born in Canada and had a series of shots outside of the country but my parents never brought the documents here so had to recheck and in some cases redo everything. Also get these done fast since you might have t
  6. J'ai reçu un e-mail mais je pense qu'il va y en avoir un autre avec la lettre d'admission officielle. Pour le moment tout ce que j'ai eu c'est qu'il y a eu une décision dans ma demande. On va voir demain surement
  7. TIME STAMP: 10:30 Result: Accepted with condition MCAT: Nope Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I felt good about 2/3 of the MMI but the rest I felt like I did pretty badly, seems I was not that bad. Year: Completed MSW in 2016 and did my prereqs over the years. IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: 3rd time applying! Started to get some white beard from the stress of getting and interview and then an admission offer. GPA was 3.83 with a professional degree/title and 12 years in healthcare. Thank the stars this year was 100% interview. Good luck to all
  8. I think you need to reside in QC for one year while not attending school full-time. Memory is foggy but you can search the admissions page, they have the breakdown here https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/elements/proof-citizenship-or-residency
  9. Also here is the link for the interviews with the documents. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/mdis You will get it by e-mail later tonight if you are invited! Enjoy the info on how the interview will work, seems rough!
  10. If ever you can't log on and don't have a mcgill email, you can search in your email inbox. They send a confirmation with that number or even look at your workbook lol!
  11. Doubt it will be that fast. I've seen bumps on the waitlist until the day before interviews. You have to fill out a few documents which will need to be processed including NDA and language selection for the interview. That being said, end of next week is probably a good time to expect some movement. Last year the list moved quite a bit, I am not as sure what this year will bring considering the travel aspect will be voided considering its video interview. I know a few people who could not attend certain interviews due to travel time, etc. Fingers crossed for you!!!!
  12. 10:02 got an invite as IP last name M if they do use that order but I doubts.
  13. People have like 2-3 business days to send in their answers. So once that is done, they will update!
  14. Yes it does! Time is indicated in the lower section of your items list in the same minerva page where you saw the further review required. Email usually comes at night with the attached NDA and selection documents!
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