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  1. Yes. You can accept and have another pending acceptance that you have yet to respond to. If you are going to decline a school you should decline as soon as you can as this will help staff, faculty, and people on the waitlist. You cannot accept multiple Canadian school offers at once.
  2. Just wanna give some love and support to all the people on the waitlist this year. I have been rejected, waitlisted, and accepted to UBC and I really feel for you. Being on the waitlist was very hard on my mental health and I know many find it very challenging. Take care of yourself! Feel free to message me if you want to chat. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Hello! There were people in our class who got their third or second choice and very few of them changed sites. VFMP will have more movement and you may have a good chance. The In Province waitlist hardly moved last year and it is hard to know what will happen this year. A few people did get moved into VFMP tho. It is my understanding that you would be offered your preferred site before people on the waitlist so the longer you don't hear, the less likely you are to get VFMP. That being said changes can happen up until late August. I wish I had more info for you. Best of luck All t
  4. I know lots of people who have shared personal experiences and stories in their interviews and have been successful. It is important that you answer the prompt of course. I think it is also important to not bring up something too personal or that is too emotionally fresh. When you bring up an experience and can show what you learned from it or how it helped you grow then I cannot see how that would hurt.
  5. Just gonna agree with what @frenchpress and @WaitingTooLong have said. I would not send an update. They will not consider it and it may just annoy them.
  6. It is hard to know for certain as the people who get in do not know their stats. I have heard of people being rejected off the waitlist with Below Average Interviews. If those individuals are being waitlisted I wonder if people are getting in with below average interviews. Also after speaking to many med students in many years, it seems like some people do get in with fairly poor interviews. The interview doesn't seem to totally make or break anyone, as demonstrated by the individuals who get rejected with above average interviews. The feedback applicants get is Below Average, Average, o
  7. Don't beat yourself up for overthinking the interview, it is so normal. Just try not to spend too much time thinking about it. There is nothing you can do about it now and thinking about how it went really won't help you. Easier said than done though. I remember finding last year extra difficult with extra free time due to COVID-19. I found journaling or having a bit of a mental interview debrief helpful to start. Once that is done just try let go of those thoughts. Myself and my friends found it helpful to keep busy. Try to really embrace school, work, extracurriculars etc. an
  8. They don't accept very many OOP but the waitlist really moves. Good luck
  9. Highly recommend applying broadly. I have a few friends from BC who did not get into UBC but got in OOP to Ottawa, MUN, Sask, Queens, U of C, U of A etc. The system is odd and every school has their own values. I think your MCAT is solid. If you have the money, time, and drive to rewrite a higher score never hurts. Just keep in mind that some schools take your most recent score, even if it is lower than your previous score. I believe USask takes very few OOP so not sure if it is worth it to rewrite just for them. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  10. @Raisin Bran Sorry, but I heard it years ago and cannot remember where from. I seem to remember hearing about an extra point for a Masters/PhD and an extra point if you are a reapplicant. I thought it was from a trustworthy place but honestly it could have been a rumour. You should question sources and be careful believing everything you read on here. Only admissions knows what admissions does and it could change year to year! The UBC Admissions Blog and the UBC Website is going to be your best bet for up to date and factual info.
  11. YES! Many people interview multiple times. My understanding is that each application cycle is separate from the previous one. I know people who received a below average interview one year and then were accepted the next year. No one knows exactly what happens if you have get flagged during your interview but I assume/hope this is rare. FYI, I believe you also get an extra point on your next application for being a re-applicant.
  12. Generally, I would also say apply. Do not put your life on hold for medical school. If you don't get in you will have a job and if you do get in most employers would be happy for you and understanding of the situation. That being said I do not know the terms and duration of the contract. If it is a fixed contract you could apply and explain your situation fully. Then it is up to them if they hire you. If they directly ask you about your plans I believe you should be honest. You can explain that you are hoping to pursue medicine but it is extremely competitive and you are unsure if y
  13. I agree with what was said above. We cannot comment on the types of stations, if we could they can change it up at any time. As that 2013/2014 document states, "anything is fair game." Get comfortable thinking on your feet and have a way to approach stations you were unprepared for. It is virtually impossible to practice every possible scenario and station that you will see. Having a method can be helpful to calm your brain when you get something unexpected.
  14. From what I can recall, there has never been more than one rest station. They have usually been fairly clear about the writing station though the info can get lost on that OAS page. Up until last year, it was 30 minutes and separate from the MMI. Last year they included it in the MMI for the first time. If they haven't told you yet I'm sure they will tell you about it soon. Maybe no news means no writing?
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