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  1. Invite! Time Stamp: 14:13 pm EST Location: IP Stream: French cGPA: 3.95 Current year: Graduated June 2019 ECs: Accepted pub, conferences, cycling events, tutoring, etc. Casper and Snapshot: I always think it’s catastrophic, but every year surprisingly it ends up being good enough! I also did Snapshot and thought my responses were solid although I did get cut off for the last question! This is my third and final interview at uOttawa so let’s hope third time’s the charm!
  2. Relax y’all... it’ll be before the end of this week! Just enjoy life in the meantime and be patient!
  3. The past two years invites went out on January 22nd, so I anticipate some time next week!
  4. Oh boy... the nerves are kicking in! Can you also add Snapshot as part of the criteria?
  5. Their website doesn’t make any mention of Snapshot, however, I did email the admissions committee and got a response from Diane. The email states that Snapshot is recommended, however, it is not required for admission to the program.
  6. It’s worth a shot! Your cGPA is above the 3.7 cutoff (assuming you’re in-province), so I would definitely go for it!
  7. I stand corrected. Apologies for the misinformation.
  8. Good run, y’all! We’ll come back better next year!
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