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  1. Quite a lot. I did my MSc and had a few publications. Lots of research experience. Was on the board of a charity. Played varsity sports. I applied 3 times and only interviewed during my last application and got in. It can be done! haha
  2. I remember being just as confused as all of you when I was waitlisted last year! I have really no insight into how UBC waitlists people (sorry!) but just hang in there! I got off the waitlist in the middle of June last year and it seemed like the longest wait ever. Good luck to everyone...you should feel extremely proud of yourselves!
  3. 2nd year here. I got in with an MCAT score of 508, CARS of 124, and my AGPA was 82% so there is hope...keep trying and you will get in!
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has received a proof of enrolment letter or whether they were able to apply for their LOC without one? Does anyone know when we can expect a proof of enrolment letter to be sent? Thanks in advance!
  5. I haven’t. My initial offer was on the 4th...I figured they would have to wait until the offer expiry date before sending info out but since I got another offer for VFMP (original offer was SMP) yesterday I’m still waiting.
  6. If you are a UBC student you dont need to: UBC students do not need to email us a new request to access their transcripts electronically; we will use the request we have on file. We accept paper UBC transcripts as well. Please check the Applicant Status page for confirmation that we have received your final transcript. UBC students who have authorized us to access their transcripts electronically can assume their final transcript has been received even if the status says "Not Received."
  7. Accepted my offer on Tuesday after many years of applying. Hopefully this gives hope to those on the wait list and those with low GPA's. Timestamp: June 4 10:43AM PST Accepted SMP (3rd choice) Early or regular deadline: Regular AGPA: 82% MCAT: 508 Year: Graduated from MSc program ECs: Extensive. Lots of volunteer experience. Lots of research experience (a few publications). Geography: IP Interview: First time interviewing. Felt unsure coming out of it, but felt strong for a few stations. Words cannot describe how thrilled I am! Good luck t
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