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  1. Also in 2017 MD invites/rejects kept rolling out till 6pm...
  2. Time stamp: 2:22 Program: MD Result: Rejection OMSAS GPA: 3.95 CARS: 130 IP/OOP: IP Casper: honestly felt that I did well on it but that does not matter how I felt I guess. . Pretty disheartening result. Congrats to those interviewing.
  3. Some people said that they have come out around 1-2 pm in previous years.
  4. Thank you! I guess I am still anxious since I do not entirely know how many will be applying for those two seats.
  5. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has recently contacted uOttawa regarding the social accountability initiative. I believe that have recently updated the wording on their website and I am a bit concerned by one particular part: Note that if we have numerous qualifying candidates after both academic and non-academic file reviews they are also considered for regular stream seats. Is this implying that a) social accountability initiative is processed as a "separate stream" and b) you might never get a chance to compete with the general pool if they deem that there are not "too many
  6. Mac and Ottawa do not have a deadline, you can start without completing your masters. Queens will let you defer by a year if you are not done. I would be interested in knowing whether schools (esp U of T or Western) change the deadline this year due to Covid-19. Please let me know if you email them
  7. Thank you for your reply! Yeah, it would be wrap up work. With all of the disruption covid is causing to research, plans to finish before med might be difficult.
  8. Hi, Sorry if this question has been asked before. I realize that Mac med will admit you regardless if you are done your grad degree or not. I am wondering if anyone can comment on whether it's doable to wrap up a masters while in med? Thanks!
  9. Does Ottawa let you finish your masters (if you want) while in med school? I think Mac lets you finish your masters.
  10. Following -- I am planning on emailing them about this. I do not see any deadlines on their website. I could be wrong but I know McMasters lets you apply and enrol even when you are not done your masters.
  11. Applied but no interview - gpa is 3.95. I hope they release some numbers about how many applied.
  12. Hi, I am an OOP considering applying to Calgary. If I start a masters this coming fall, and apply fall 2021, will my graduate GPA have to be included in the GPA calculation? Particularly asking about this: "Applicants who have received a graduate degree (or will have prior to June 30th, 2020) will have their overall GPA from their graduate program used as equivalent to one additional year of undergraduate studies for the purposes of this calculation." Is this for people who might "need" the added year to meet min GPA or everyone? Thanks!
  13. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 7:24pm Location: IP Stream: English cGPA/wGPA: 3.95/3.99 MCAT: 514 (127/130/130/127) Current year: 4th year UG ECs: NSERC, job as a research assistant, poster, manuscripts were in prep, some volunteering. Very cookie cutter. Geography: IP My first cycle applying - zero interviews. I know my ECs are average but I just thought I had a chance at GPA heavy schools.
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