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  1. Were you successful in getting an II? I just got one; I am not from rural Ontario, and I only spent a summer working there. I was brought up in a semi-rural area of QC, lived in northern BC for a couple years, and rural Alaska for 8 years. I was worried they wouldn’t count Alaska, but my context score was apparently sufficient to get me an invite. I am francophone which helps. Oh, and in one of my essays, I was able to articulate why Northern Ontario would be an ideal location for my family to live. So - in short, no, you don’t have to be from rural Ontario. You sound like a good candida
  2. Just finishing up in Biomedical Sciences. Yeah I'm fine. I got an interview invite at NOSM yesterday - guess what... they don't ask for CASPer. I still have hope for Calgary and maybe the French schools, and Ottawa got my french CASPer as well. I also have some US interviews both MD and DO. Thanks for checking =) I'm truly just happy for the people who've gotten their invite!
  3. I'm definitely IP. Born in Quebec, always a Quebec resident for school purposes... I just had to take the MCAT because my university years were spent outside Canada.
  4. TIME STAMP: Checked in Minerva 7:18 AM Alaska ST... Result: Regrets GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 519 (was required in my case) ECs (CV): Nothing too crazy, but decent. Some community involvement, leadership, volunteer, shadowing, fun hobbies, research, grants & awards, and long term commitment w dogmushing. Year: Finishing undergrad currently. Feelings about Casper: I totally bombed it. It's my worst CASPer to date (I took 3 this year - US, Anglo Canada and French Canada.) Applicant category: Considered IP. QC applicant, but US University Not surprised, I fully expect a rejection
  5. I didn't want to be part of the endless list of people who were going to email them post invites/regrets but I was so convinced they made a mistake that I did. They emailed me back saying that was no mistake. Well then that's a terrible conversion system is all I have to say No big deal though. It was a long shot as an OOP anyway and I bombed the CASPer too - lol. Again, congrats to everyone! Don't bomb that interview now, hehehe. Just got an invite for NOSM so I'm feeling a little more hopeful today. That OMSAS conversion was a lot kinder to me.
  6. Timestamp: 5:12 Alaska ST Interview: Yes!!!! GPA: I believe OMSAS gave me a 3.92 Context: Francophone, rural-ish upbringing in QC, planter in northern Ontario then lived & worked in Northern BC. Spent the last 9 years in Alaska most of it pretty rural. ECs: Some research, Multicultural student advocate work, Food pantry work, president of honor society, but not a ton of hours at each. Long term experience running a professional sled dog kennel. Valedictorian for my associate degree & some other awards and grants. Non-trad?: Yeah 30 w/ 2 kids. # of previous applications:
  7. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 519 aGPA: 4.08 (my US GPA is 4.0/4.0... pretty bummed about that conversion) Coefficients: Extensive rural background, some lower SES factors Fifth quintile in all categories for OOP. Oh well. Congrats on all who have received an invite, and good luck on your interview. You earned it!!!
  8. Time Stamp (i.e. include date and time): 15:23 AST Result (i.e. invite or regrets): Regrets GPA/AGPA (i.e. whichever is applicable): 91.46 (US studies, 4.0) MCAT (i.e. total score and breakdown in the order of CP/CARS/BB/PS): 519 (131/128/129/131) Geography (i.e. IP or OOP): OOP ECs (i.e. brief rundown of Research Pubs/Presentations, Awards, Employment, and Non-Academic Activities - also Rural stuff if you want/if it applies): Decent Research, decent Awards, unique employment experience, mature applicant, BC ties and former BC residency, extensive rural background across Canada and A
  9. OOP MCAT: 519 GPA 4.0/4.0 Extensive rural background Some socioeconomic factors I stink at CASPer, mcat too low to make it based on previous stats... But you can’t win if you don’t play?
  10. Hope has died a slow and painful death today. Would have been nicer to be told straight up. I wonder why they don’t send invites and rejections at the same time really.
  11. I hope so! That's not my overall, but that's just one example how individual grades can be drug downward by their conversion a whole 10 percentage points depending on the situation.
  12. Brutal, yes. Buuut you're well within the range to get an II still. An average is just that, and you're damn close. Best of luck to you.
  13. There’s nothing fair about their conversions but it is what it is. I’m in the US and an A+ is a 97+... and A is 90% at least, sometimes 92-93 depending on the professor. Which is higher than most other 4.0 scale Canadian schools that attribute A’s below a 90%. I’m currently at a school that officially has A+ on their transcripts but professors can use whatever grading schemes they want so many don’t award + and - for simplicity, which makes it worse because I get A’s for A+ work that gives me an 87 with UBC instead of my earned 98%.... I’m just crossing my fingers that I don’t
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