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  1. Oh, never mind, just found it. Increased by 2% to $15,154. Looks like they might increase every year according to this: http://www.students.ubc.ca/tuitionconsultation/framework.cfm
  2. Does anyone know when UBC will be posting the class of 2013 projected educational expenses? I faintly recall seeing something on my UBC account about tuition not yet being determined or something, so this might be related, and there might be some vote that's necessary before tuition can be confirmed.
  3. don't forget that tuition is tax deductible and can be rolled over from one year to the next. depending on your school's tuition, one can expect to not have to pay any taxes on at least their R1 salary.
  4. Accepted to VFMP. IP. First time applying. Untraditional student -- have an arts degree.
  5. So I've heard from two reliable sources that some MD/PhD applicants have received acceptances. Can anyone else validate this information? Supposedly they had competing offers, and were able to get early release of their application status from UBC med.
  6. Had my interview on Saturday. Overall I was very satisfied with my performance, and only wished I'd been a bit more concise and succinct in one station. I was a bit surprised by the open-ended questions, and can definitely see how it'd have been tempting to give a banal response. I think using examples helped, and it's probably a good way to help interviewers differentiate between applicants (they hear 50 or so responses, so I bet they appreciate anything that helps break the inevitable repetition and monotony). I'm trying not to stress out too much, but the lack of transparency and the re
  7. My verifier UBC contacted BCC'ed me on their response. The UBC e-mail they received said, "X has submitted an application to the MD Undergraduate Program at UBC and has listed you as a verifier for the activity listed below. Please review the details provided by the applicant to confirm that they are accurate." They then had a passage identical to what I wrote in my application -- dates, hours, description, etc.
  8. Yeah, my status changed at some point today to "Reviewed - Decision Pending". Would be nice to know either way so I can prepare and buy a ticket if necessary...
  9. Yeah, I'd like to know if there are any actor scenarios too. Also, how similar are UBC's MMI prompts to those floating around the net (like U of S's)?
  10. I guess this is more of a question for current med school students, but how diverse is the UBC Med student body in terms of sexual orientation? Also, how heteronormative do things tend to be (professors, admin, classes in general)? Also, it seems as though the admissions process takes into consideration diversity of experience, but does it account for diversity of sexual orientation at all? Anyone with any insights, I'd love to hear from you.
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