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  1. Hello, You are right. Schulich does not have particular weighting towards IP/OOP. I believe the reason for having 80+ accepted applicants from Ontario is simply due to the fact that the vast majority of applicants are from Ontario too. In our class we have people from all provinces. In regards to your DAT, if your scores are within the 21 I wouldn't re-write. Western takes the most recent scores and not best score (which can be risky if you end up scoring poorly when you re-write). Your DAT scores are good and your GPA is within the "interview-invite" average. Good luck =)
  2. Hey, Western will not consider your year 2 GPA because it isn't full course load. They will also not consider your 4th year (if you apply this upcoming cycle) GPA because they wont have your final marks yet. I believe you're unable to apply this cycle given your second year course load which is unfortunate because your 2nd and 3rd year GPA would be competitive for Western. Are you 3rd year going into your 4th? My advice would be to maintain a 3.9+ GPA in your 4th year, study for your cDAT, and take the coming up summer to work on your extracurricular (although I think you have got som
  3. Your scores are fine. It will be up to your interview and autobiographical/essays score now. Good luck
  4. Hello and yes I have been accepted with a 19AA =) Your GPA and DAT are fine. Make sure your auto-biographical and essays are good and you should have a shot. Good luck =)
  5. Btw, when is/was the final date to pay the tuition or final deposit? Thank you
  6. Better to contact western ASAP. Good luck
  7. Ireland is a mystery. Nobody knows how they assess your application. Just apply =) Good luck
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