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  1. Hello everyone, Long story short, I need to write the MCAT for a third time. First time I wrote was in 2020 in August and I scored a 508 (126,123,129,130). I felt pretty confident that I could improve CARS and the C/P section and get above a 510 (I am hoping to get anything above a 514). But then life got in the way. I was studying for my second MCAT, which I was scheduled to write in July, and I got a concussion a week before my exam. Ended up having to postpone my exam to the end of August and safe to say, August might have been the most stressful/worse month of my life. I ended up bein
  2. Also I read in some places that people have messed this process up and even with an emergency request form that it can count against one of your lifetime test takes. What I am supposed to do to avoid that. Obviously i don't want a freak accident to take away one of my lifetime test opportunities.
  3. Hello everyone, So I'm stressing out a bit. I've been studying for the MCAT for the last 3-4 months or so. With a week left to go, I hit my head playing basketball. The next morning I felt dizzy, light-headed and couldn't concentrate on my final reviewing. Went to the doctor and she said I had a concussion. I submitted the emergency request form and I think I will be able to write the exam in 2-3 weeks but the person that I talked to at Pearson Vue wasn't really helpful and made me more stressed. She said that they take 2 weeks to review it and then they make their decision within the tw
  4. @Fromage let me start off by saying that I feel you. It can make you feel bad when you realize that there are people out there applying to med with 90+ grades and have seemed to have figured out life at such an early age. I know that I personally didn't know what the heck I was doing when I started undergrad, and I made mistakes (which is normal for most 18-19 year old kids). I think its important to try your best to not compare yourself to others but rather to just keep comparing yourself to who you were yesterday (soooo cheesy but its true). I also think that everything you see online
  5. Thanks for your comments frenchpress! Ya i suppose it just feels weird to be leaving school and finding activities to fill my time up outside of a job. But you're right, getting employed in a health related job would be good not only for med applications but just a good experience to have (obviously haha, we all need to get jobs). I guess I'm just feeling this doubt like I haven't done enough in my masters. I'm writing a primary article (which turned into an eleven month study) and a review article, and then I've got one lower authorship already and probably can count on another 2 lower
  6. Hello everyone, I've read a bunch of your stories and I have to say that reading about your journeys has kept me motivated knowing that I have a shot at becoming a doctor here in Canada. I was hoping to get some feedback on my application and also to get some feedback on what I should be doing next. A bit about myself: I am 24 years old (turning 25 in a couple months), and I will be finishing up my Masters degree in April/May. My aGPA for UBC is ~85-86%, my best two year gpa is 3.81, and then my overall four year gpa is like ~3.5 (it took me a couple years to figure my shit). I am
  7. For athabasca ENG 211 and 212, they are both self-directed courses which means that you can finish them at your own pace. However, I found that they are not "easy" courses workwise and you actually need to put in a lot of effort to get a decent grade. They give you 6 months to finish the course (which you can finish earlier if you want to) and you also have the option of extending your course for a fee (no penalty on your transcript though). I personally had a really busy year when i was completing my Athabasca english courses and you definitely need to put in time in order to get a good grade
  8. Got the R as well from Dal OOP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 508 (Cars 123... yikes) Not the greatest maritime connection which probably did it for me but who knows.
  9. Also, does it matter if you finish the course for Athabasca in 4 months or 6 months for Med applications? Or as long as you get it done it doesn't matter?
  10. Thanks for your replies! Has anyone had a good experience from TRU open learning?
  11. Hello all, I am trying to decide what is the best route to take my English requirements to be eligible to apply for UBC med. I have to choose between TRU, Athabasca or UBC. I am a masters student so I could technically do my full year of English during the year but I have some other courses I am interested in and I hear that English can be annoyingly difficult to get a good mark in so I would rather just focus on that in the summer. TRU Open learning is only $900 to take the two English courses, Athabasca is close to $2,000 (yikes). Has anyone taken these courses and how poss
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