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  1. Timestamp: Received an email about a change in the Launchpad status at 9:27 AM Result: Accepted! Geography: In Province Education: Just finished my 4th and final year of a BSc with a double major in psychology and biology GPA: 3.86, as calculated by the U of A MCAT: 520 (CP 129/ CARS 130/ BB 130 / PS 131) ECs: Filled in 16/16 spots. No research or publications. No hospital volunteering. Long-term employment in an allied health field, a long-term hobby/training in the performing arts, non-profit board experience, work as a care-aid, experience with vulnerable popul
  2. Time stamp: 4:29 PM MST Result: Invite Geography: IP UCAN GPA: 3.87 MCAT: 130 CARS (520 total) 4th year UG Filled out 9/10 Top 10 Sections. Congrats to everyone who got an interview and good luck to everyone who applied!
  3. Same fam ahhhh I’m hoping they’ve sent out OOP first (if you’re OOP though then hang in there?!?)
  4. Time stamp: 1:04 PM MST Result: INVITE! Geography: IP Year of study: 4th year, last semester GPA: 3.86 according to U of A’s calculation MCAT: 129/130/130/131 (520) Casper: Interview Waitlist for Mac, R from Queens ECs: no research, diverse but average imo; some long-term commitments and focus on the arts Congrats to those who received an invite and good luck to everyone!
  5. Hm... my sister fell of a tube in the lake and held on bc she was terrified of the water, and lost her swim trunks in the process... Best Mario Kart character AND race course?
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