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  1. Hi, Just a question, for the site references, if I was to put NMP first - UBC will still give me a holistic file review? meaning that in addition to the rural application section my other research+employment+awards+ regular NAQ section will still count? of-course due to the character limit and entries allowed my regular NAQ section is a better indicator of all my activities. Thanks!
  2. Wondering if UBC compares apps between 2 cycles? I realized one of my activities from last year had the wrong start date. Am I able to change the start date for this years application?
  3. Can someone please help me out. Does it matter if the pre- requisite course was taken in summer time? I want to add a biology that has a lab but it was taken in summer of my second year. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for letting us know! If you don't mind me asking, when is the deadline for you to accept?
  5. hey guys does anyone have any updates on when this last rounds deadline was? I see that the new application for 2019/2020 is open but was wondering if anyone anticipates any updates on the blog soon?
  6. so looks like they sent out round 5. did anyone hear anything? Based off judging from the trends, I believe this would be the last offer round as the class is almost or will be full.
  7. I am not sure what the chances are now. For those of us that are on the waitlist. Is anyone declining offer? Not really sure what to predict or hope for.
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