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  1. I am doing a surgery elective and I just feel the world of surgery is something that I am not familiar at all with. I feel that I lack situational awareness and was wondering how you can develop situational awareness when you don't have a lot of surgery experience yet.
  2. I am applying to small speciality and I recently did an elective and I worked with multiple preceptors.. I asked one of the preceptors if it's Ok to write me a reference letter and they told me they only spent 1.5 days with me and they think I should ask another preceptor. Does that mean they disliked me?? Is it worth it to even apply to that specialty? My ITER overall was good for the elective.
  3. Half of my ITERS have been satisfactory and the other have were outstanding.. I also had a comment in my first core rotation saying that I was not knowledgable in anesthesia and I need to do more reading in anesthesia... other than that it is mostly professional, keen, or enthusiastic or pleasure to work with.. Do program directors care about your ITERS?
  4. I was also told to avoid Calgary FM program for these reasons and apparently given the situation in AB some FM grads have to practice in a rural area after graduation...
  5. OK- even if you say a strong reference letter? I don't think that the preceptor disliked me or anything- Its just that he did not say it would be really nice to write you one or pleasure to write you one.. he just you are strong clerk overall and here is one thing that I encourage you to do more in the rest of your clerkship
  6. I asked for a reference letter today and preceptor had to think for a second before he said yes. I ask him if he can write a strong reference letter and siad its totally fine if he can't write one.. Do most preceptors just say yes to be nice?
  7. inttersting, since plastic sx, opthalmology, and derm are very lucrative, how do PD make sure that students are interested in subject matter rather than $$$?
  8. No way they make that much.... I know academic dermatologist /plastic surgeons make as much as any other specialist... lolI have never heard of those numbers lol
  9. I am a first author of three papers, that I will be submitting in the next 1-2 weeks. When it comes to applying to Carms - does it have to be accepted to a journal for me to add to my CV? I spent so much time on research work andI am concerned that they wont be published by the time I submit my Carms application
  10. She was surprised to heart that i am interested in a surgical speciality and she told me that she thinks I have FM personality (She is a family physician herself).. What exactly is a FM personality?
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