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  1. Thank you for writing into words what we are all feeling. I hope you are doing well too. It’s hard to come to terms with these things but I wish everyone good luck for the next step! Take care and we will get through this as well!
  2. I would be interested in online. Let me know if there is a group forme.
  3. The gpa drops the lowest year so your first year would not count in the calculation of the gpa. It would affect the category overall academic assessment. 60% of the U of C application depends on the top 10 and references. As far as I have heard, they can make or break your application. As far as retaking the course is concerned, you should email the admissions office and see how they take that into account. Other than that read the manual and see how U of C calculates your score. Your gpa makes 20% of your score and academic assessment another 10. MCAT CARS makes another 10 and the rest is all
  4. To the upper year students, how do clinical rotations work for the summer after first year work? Do we apply for them or are we placed in them? And when do we find out.
  5. Apply now. For student aid Alberta, it fills up the tuition fees automatically for full course load. The application takes a month to process so now is a good time. At least for Alberta, not sure for OOP.
  6. https://www.ualberta.ca/pharmacy/programs/pharmd-for-practicing-pharmacists/frequently-asked-questions I think this was the link where 25000 was listed, this is for pharmD for practicing pharmacists. The cost calculator for PharmD without the living expenses calculates approximately 10K for tuition only and then other fees extra for studying at u of a. So it would approximate to 12K per year just tuition as @UhhhhhhOkay said.
  7. They give us one week. I have until June 25 to let them know if I accept or not.
  8. Hi guys! I got my acceptance email on June 18th. I am IP (U of C), last two years gpa was 3.838, and had a few months of experience with volunteering at a pharmacy. I thought my LOI was okay at first but looking back I think it was good and had all the necessary components. My interview also went well. I also graduated from my Bachelors this June. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. I hope you all hear back soon with positive news!
  9. Hey! My transcript and degree status has not been updated on Beartracks yet. It shows up on my to do list. I talked to Angela and she said it has been received. Is there anyone else who has the same problem? I am from U of C.
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