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  1. Even better! Wow.. a fail rate of 27% is absolutely unheard of for an exam like this. Not sure how this can continue and be sustainable..
  2. I'm certainly no expert in stats.. but my interpretation of the results seems to indicate that roughly 20% of test-takers are now failing based on this new scoring scale... Anyone with more knowledge on statistics, please feel free to correct!
  3. If you're willing to contribute another $250 to the MCC (in addition to the $2500 it costs to re-write), then they will do a score "re-check", but it's clearly stated on the MCC website that this doesn't include a "re-evaluation". So essentially they check to make sure scores were entered into the computer, to the correct profile, and make sure there weren't any ink errors/smudges or tears in scantron sheets. This current system assumes that whatever the examiner marked on the bubble sheet is 100% accurate and objective, and it becomes 100% concrete. Since none of the stations are recorde
  4. On the topic of possible site/examiner variation.. as per the MCC website, "objectivity of scoring is achieved using standardized guidelines for exam administration, the training of examiners and of SPs, and the use of predetermined scoring instruments for OSCE stations." So the claim is that objectivity is achieved? The sample rubrics posted on the MCC website show a standardized checklist for examiners, as well as an "interaction rating scale" where they're asked to score our interviewing skills or physical exam skills as "inadequate, marginal, adequate, or superior". https://mcc.c
  5. Hi all, Family med resident here, I received news yesterday that I passed the CCFP exams from this past April. I then received news today that I failed the LMCC2 exam written in May. More concerning however is that it was my second attempt at the LMCC2 exam (unable to pass in October 2018 as well). Furthermore, my score somehow dropped lower than the first attempt despite a modified approach, and an overall feeling that my performance was significantly improved the second time around. I know this isn't the first "I can't believe I failed the LMCC" thread, but in light of recent chang
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