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  1. Yea you would think they would make this clear because it makes sense that if you're allowed to take notes you're also allowed to use them lol
  2. Based on another school with multiple sites and that document I think it would be things like requiring medical treatment that is only offered in one of the cities or being near a sick family member. I'm sure asking that question would have no effect on your app!
  3. I got an email about a site-selection info session, I assume the preference survey will come soon
  4. That's what I understood but I could be remembering that from a different school. Big oof if we weren't allowed cause I def looked at mine (they were stick to my screen though) lol
  5. I was in the first round and in one of the info sessions they said it was allowed
  6. I know everyone is different that's why I'm saying it feels a bit inconsiderate to call this situation overall an advantage, thats all
  7. Doing school through 1+ years of social isolation while going through a global pandemic has is unique challenges. This year has by far been the worst for my grades and my mental health is at an all time low. Some people def could have an advantage this year, but I think we should realize a lot of us are going through really tough times too. Fwiw, most of my assessments have been turned to open book/ assignments which I am def worse at (not too mention they have made them harder). Prior to the pandemic I would actively avoid classes that used assignments over tests for evaluation. I
  8. Were they IP? I think OOP admission is 100% based on the interview so maybe it would be different idk.
  9. Do they just use assignments for eval cause that sounds like a low-key nightmare
  10. Schools like UofT has an explanation essay, I think your situation is very understandable and if you maintain a full courseload each semester hopefully they will take that into consideration.
  11. We're now in daylight savings which is what the D stands for more or less. Kira Talent does have a coundown/clock if I remember correctly
  12. Probably because they are moving to asynchronous, wouldnt be fair to use two methods of evaluation for these groups IMO. Very unfortunate situation all around
  13. Do we know which schools allow notes (specifically for MMIs)? It would also be cool to know if any schools have said anything re: collaborative or acting stations this year
  14. I mean I was a bit sad that I will have prepped more for any of my other interviews than U of T just because it was first and a lot of the prep translates.
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