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  1. I think a lot of people would use the LOC to pay off the interest anyway. It is fishy that their website states "no payments required until you graduate" even if its technically true.
  2. Cardiac surgery had a higher 1st choice match rate than general? Is this normal?
  3. Cause they're smart probably
  4. Gimme USMLEs, being evaluated based on how much I "fit" into a program is seriously terrifying. I'm an introvert and not the popular type so low key scared. Especially because I am interested in surgery.
  5. Yep I emailed the registrar and they sent me a letter
  6. I put several factory jobs which is maybe along the same lines. That being said, if you can find a position that may be better for your app or more enjoyable, go for it! In my last few years of uni I did TAing, marking and summer research instead.
  7. If I'm reading the schedule correctly there are only around 11 weeks of pre-CaRMS electives. Given the 3 discipline requirement I've heard of, this would barely allow you to max out your 8 weeks in one specialty let alone sufficiently explore a second (I'm interested in GSx first, CSx second). Also, if interested in an OOP program how many elective weeks there are sufficient?
  8. General thoracic in Canada. Its just the idea of going through so much debt and training to do Cardiac surgery then not being employable is absolutely terrifying. At the same time I don't want to regret not going for something I'm interested in.
  9. Lol I'm very open to changing my mind when shadowing is allowed again. I mostly was leaning to gen surg + thoracic fellowship but I also really like learning about heart anatomy and physiology. The job market definitely scares me, 4 procedures is not a deal breaker- probably an issue in a lot of specialties.
  10. And this would allow a person to practice as a CT or general surgeon in either country?
  11. I'm considering the US to increase chances for cardiac surgery or maybe general. Do you have any insight on those specialties in this context?
  12. When do med students in Canada write STEP 1 if pursuing a match in the US? Can you apply to both residencies? I remember reading that the timeliness are a bit different which may mean if you match in the US you're removed from CaRMS. Do the same things make one competitive in both countries?
  13. I dont think so bc they said the campus you choose would have no bearing on your admission. How it probably works is they fill up each campus by rank, if after initial offers are out there is only space in one campus the wl offers would be from the other campus. Just speculation but I think that makes the most sense
  14. I have heard from some posters that if you treat med school like a full time job (40-50 hours incl studying & class) that will be sufficient. Can any U of T students speak to this? Also if anyone has any insight on the typical weekly schedule that would be great! On another note, for the paid summer research projects or the graduate diploma in Health research, what makes one competitive for that? I had a bad final year which dropped my cGPA to 3.95/3.96 and I'm wondering if it's worth challenging one of those grades. I do have a good amount of previous research hours (no pubs yet).
  15. There will be a deadline to make a decision, as long as you decline by then it will be fine. Declining earlier if you've already made a decision may or may not help out waitlisted folks.
  16. So what do the mid-pack residents do? Keep doing fellowships until youre hired?
  17. I definitely prefer the term 'parallel planning'. Do you know which surgical specialties or more or less competitive (is there a list I should be looking at)? There are so many CaRMS tables lol.
  18. Like say top choice was Cardiac but also ranking Gen Surg or OB/GYN. Would that work if Gen Surg was 1st choice and OB/GYN second? Or do people back up surgery with FM/IM or not at all. Just a curious question, I know v little about the process.
  19. Sort of as a last resort, like if they ask what Im studying I say my major but if they ask what I want to do after school I'll tell them. The only time Im more hesitant is in certain volunteer interviews or with research PIs lol. My current PIs are really supportive but I didnt go in saying "F*** research, Im gonna be a doctor" ya know.
  20. Is Scotia the only bank that you dont have to make payments while in school?
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