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    That guy is just salty all the time lol youre good
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    That guy is just salty all the time lol youre good
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    AB27 reacted to bearded frog in 2021 CaRMS Data Analysis   
    In 2021 the ratio of first choice applicants to spots was 1 (11 1st choice applicants for 11 spots). This is actually less than previous, but cardiac surgery is fairly noisy as there are relatively few spots so even a few more applicants makes big changes. Here's the past 21 years of cardiac surgery for you:

    As you can see, since 2006 it's trended right around 1, which is what it was this year, 2020 was actually an outlier with almost 2 applicants for every spot (17 applicants for 9 spots).
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    Cause they're smart probably
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    I've come to the conclusion that 2012, 2019 and 2020 cohorts are evil.
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    Got of the waitlist today at 11:37am!!
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    Clerkship will always bother me.
     I came out of the gates strong, did very well in initial electives with excellent/stellar English-speaking electives (and obtained generally strong letters) because I did everything 'right' (i.e. attitude/work-ethic/knowledge/learning/..).  Initial electives are generally disadvantageous but I managed to overcome that fairly handily - so much so that a local admin thought the sky was literally the limit for matching.
    But, when I came back to my 'home school' I saw the other side of clerkship and suffered the consequences.  Unquestionably, I had some communication issues in French and was a lot less efficient initially especially - so despite my strongest efforts my performance really suffered.  But, I also saw that evals came down to many subjective factors - that staff too have their own biases and prejudices.  
    While my English-speaking electives were all strong, I realized that partly maybe I just came across a lot better (which was confirmed by several staff that took the time to evaluate in both languages with an open mind)- while sometimes having obvious difficulties in French just sometimes made me a bad clerk.  It wasn't a question of effort.  Some preceptors would emphasize/de-emphasize communication issue (or would go at pains to emphasize it wasn't “just” communication), but on the whole just comparing English vs French rotations it was literally black/white.
    I mean I understand - staff are busy, impatient etc..  I just felt there was little I could do to modify my ability to function fully in French (couldn't switch medical schools either), so it was beyond infuriating for me too - I had lifetime consequences by this so-called "language barrier".. and all the excellence I had shown was basically nullified and thrown down the drain (and other things like research).
     Obviously comes CaRMS time, no one has time for "stories" (as I mostly overcame the deficit), evals get translated, so it made everything much much harder that what should have been a relatively open path (actually one concession on the Dean's letter eventually was mentioning that challenges seem to have come from French).  It’s pretty obvious looking at politics how divisive the language issue is - I sort of wonder if the 'bilingual' CaRMS is partly about promoting national unity to a valuable demographic.  
    Anyways, the whole experience rubbed salt in the wound on what were some of the worst years of my life in medical school.  
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    AB27 reacted to Davinci in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Instead of getting the $350k LOC from a single bank, is it possible to get $175k from each of two banks (e.g. RBC and Scotia) instead?
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    AB27 reacted to striders02 in U of T med questions   
    For the paid summer research program (CREMS), the most easily modifiable things you can do to increase competitiveness are reaching out to PIs quickly once the positions are posted - as otherwise they may fill up - and reading a bit on the PI's background research so you can articulate why you want to work with them specifically. Prior research experience will also be an asset, but that's not required and also not as easily modifiable. 
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    AB27 reacted to Edict in Do people back-up with surgery?   
    Happens all the time. People generally parallel plan or are truly undecided between two or even three surgical specialties. Often they are related
    Cardiac/Vasc/Gen are common, Gen/OB/Uro is common as well. Generally speaking, people try to bridge the gap between two related specialties if they are undecided by doing research relevant to both or doing electives in both. In general, if you are an overall strong well rounded candidate, multiple specialties will want you and as long as you display some genuine interest, you will be ranked highly enough to match. 
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    AB27 got a reaction from DrOtter in US Residency Qs   
    Lol I'm very open to changing my mind when shadowing is allowed again. I mostly was leaning to gen surg + thoracic fellowship but I also really like learning about heart anatomy and physiology. The job market definitely scares me, 4 procedures is not a deal breaker- probably an issue in a lot of specialties.
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    AB27 reacted to zoxy in US Residency Qs   
    Just do GenSx in Canada and then a 2-3 year ACGME CT fellowship down there. That path would only be a year or two longer than an I6 with the added benefit of dual board certification. As for matching to an I6 out of med school, you'll 100 percent need US electives for matching there. I6 thoracic is very competitive. GenSx would be a much easier match and wouldn't require electives.
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    AB27 reacted to indefatigable in Do people back-up with surgery?   
    A detailed analysis of competitiveness for all major specialties was done, analyzing from different viewpoints, including over time.  The bulk of the analysis is 2020, but the historical graphs for surgery are also insightful.
    It's interesting to note that Pediatrics for instance is now approaching the competitiveness of ENT.
    Last year Cardiac was one of the most competitive specialties (but had an unfilled spot this year).  There is definitely year to year fluctuation, but it's also possible there might have been a candidate 'in mind' for this year's spot in Round 2.  For Cardiac Surgery, gunners are usually self-selected and generally fairly strong candidates.  
    Vascular it seems is getting progressively less competitive as is also indicated by unfilled positions year to year. 
    Ortho and NeuroSurgery are very competitive in Quebec which probably tilts the numbers further from what they would be.  I think Neurosurgery might have the worst job market out of any surgery.  
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    AB27 reacted to Gazoo4242 in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    I have been speaking to a Scotia rep recommended by a poster here, and he said: "There is an application form that you would need to complete along with that you’ll need to provide us with Proof of acceptance. For the application the proof of acceptance is sufficient. To finally fund, we would need a confirmation of you accepting your acceptance letter with the invoice of the deposit paid. We understand that you will not have your confirmation of enrollment, till your school year starts and it takes time for you to request for one and obtain it."
    It's possible that wouldn't apply to other banks, or that there's some flex on the deposit aspect, but I would ask the bank directly (or even reach out to the school to explain the situation and see if there is any recourse there?). 
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    AB27 reacted to indefatigable in Do people back-up with surgery?   
    I think prior to the elective cap this year it wasn't possible for most candidates to have competitive applications in more than one surgical discipline.  
    As you can see by checking the link below, that for all three surgical disciplines you mentioned, most matched CMGs had three or more elective in the given discipline.  Unless your school offers a LOT of elective time then it's harder to "max out" for each program. 
    That said, I think some surgical programs are becoming less competitive - e.g. vascular has consistently unfilled positions and even cardiac had an unfilled spot this year.  Last year there were quite a few 'left over' surgical positions including urology, gen surg, ortho and even obs/gyn.
    So trying to pair two complementary disciplines where one is 'more competitive' and one is 'less competitive' with some overlap could work.    
    For example, a cardiac with vascular surgery 'parallel plan' may work or maybe cardiac/gen surg.  
    Like the poster above said, surgical disciplines are all quite different, with different cultures/patient populations even work/life balance.  
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    AB27 reacted to anbessa21 in Do people back-up with surgery?   
    Semantics (and perhaps slightly off topic), but I prefer to think of it as 'parallel planning' in this scenario. Meaning that you must be certain you enjoy both specialties significantly more than FM. Particularly regarding surgical specialties, where the opportunity cost is high (re: time investment, lifestyle detractors, risk of unmatched etc). Otherwise, you are better off pursuing FM as the alternate career path. Some surgical specialties are more similar to one another than others, but some certainly are vastly different (in operative technique, patient population, pathophysiology) and thus, you should not extrapolate that simply because, for example, Cardiac Surgery is your supreme interest, that General Surgery/OBGYN would be a better substitute than FM if your interest in GSx is as surface level as 'it's still surgery.' Of course, this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. 
    As for if it's doable... it certainly is (although given how competitive surgical specialties are in general, it seems to be a tactic people shy away from nowadays, but I myself, along with several people I know successfully parallel planned 2 or even 3 surgical specialties this cycle). Just make sure you can construct a coherent narrative wherein both specialties meet your personal/professional goals, and are able to expound on why a particular specialty is ultimately the best fit for you. It's all in the storytelling. You've just gotta sell it. 
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    AB27 reacted to JohnGrisham in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    They all don't require principal payments during school. And they all require interest payments(based on the amounts you have used) during school, scotia just automatically applies the interest payments to your principal amount. Its just marketing. Scotia saves you two clicks of simply making the interest payment yourself. Some people think of this as an advantage such that "you'll never miss a payment this way if you forget!" but really, no one is so busy they can't spend <2mins a month to check their bank accounts, and really you should be doing that regardless especially with your credit card bills to ensure accuracy of charges. 
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    AB27 reacted to Maggiie19 in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    I have outstanding debts (NSLSC - Federal and Provincial, and I had a LOC with my previous bank that I paid off with my Scotia LOC) and was able to get the maximum stated on their website. However, I do not have OSAP so I can't comment on that.
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    AB27 reacted to TheFlyGuy in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Anecdotal from people I've talked to and the experience of friends (so hopefully others can chime in on this if I'm wrong), but yeah I think osap does result in lower LoC offers, seen tit happen a few times, i.e. it does count as debt for that purpose.
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    AB27 got a reaction from DrOtter in Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected??   
    Result: Accepted 5:40pm EST
    Geography: OOP
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 525 (132 CARS)
    Degree: Just finished 4th year
    EC: Graduating/attending uni as first gen + other barriers, volunteer w refugees, research, a cool job I had in the trades, TA, overcoming homelessness, cancer, living in another country, a group I started focused on homelessness, exec of a healthcare related club. Basically lots of life experiences vs ECs.
    Interview: By far my worst interview tbh. I struggled with the format (kept getting distracted by the huge block of text on the side lol) and only felt good/above average about 1 station. Felt similar abt Mac and also got an offer there so clearly I'm not a good judge of my performance.
    Will probably be declining, good luck everyone!
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    My goth soul needs grey lol (anything but orange tbh, good selection this year)
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    AB27 got a reaction from WhatsGoodDoc in CMA c2025 backpack colour choices (w/ pics)   
    My goth soul needs grey lol (anything but orange tbh, good selection this year)
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    Email only rn
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    everyone has it, it means nothing, just the site updating
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    any updates on UofT?
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