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  1. I believe the list looks different every year as it depends on what pharmacies are willing to take students. Also, pharmacies can apply to be a placement site. However, there is no guarantee that you can get that site. As well, you are not permitted to Go to a pharmacy where you are related or are friends with the pharmacist. So really you are limited to the options U of A gives you.
  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath about classes being in person in the winter. Sadly I think the most probable scenario is that they will also be online. The students union has said that classes will most likely be online and they would be shocked if they were online. As well, APSA (Alberta pharmacy students association) has been instructed to hold all of our events when we normally would using an online format. There were talks about moving events to winter so they could be in person but we were told that probably won’t happen. This really sucks as I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in person
  3. A placement can happen anywhere in Alberta and placements are full time (usually Monday to Friday 9-5 however it really depends on this site). You can request a specific placement site. I think you are able to rank your top 15 choices. There is no guarantee you will get your top choice or any of those choices. It’s really just luck of the draw. Over your 4 years you must complete 1 rural placement. A rural placement is defined as 50km outside of edmonton or calgary I believe. I did my rural placement this year and lived with family for the month. There are other options for housing too such as
  4. Are you planning on moving to Edmonton even with classes being online this fall?
  5. Sounds about right. I think at orientation they told us that each of us had to beat 5 other people for our spot which puts it at about 840 or so!
  6. I believe I have an iPad Air. I got it because it was cheaper and it works well. I don’t think there is a reason to get a more expensive one.
  7. I am a second year pharmacy student and I use an iPad to take notes. I love it! I use notability and really enjoy being able to write right on the slides
  8. Sounds like early acceptance went out. I think like 10-15 people are offered spots during this time. I believe that’s how it was last year. Should be a week or two before the rest of the offers are sent out!
  9. Overall I found the interview to be fair. Last year we had 4 stations that we had to do. They were all a pre recorded question and then the website recorded our answer. If I remember correctly each question gave us 2 minutes to respond. However I didn’t use all the time to answer each question.
  10. Yea we still have our practicum! The faculty is handling the situation very well. Students have the option of postponing their placement to later in the summer. Usually we have ours just in may and june. However, if a student has factors that make this difficult the faculty is allowing them to do this later in the summer.
  11. They aren’t actually conflicts because they are classes that alternate every other week
  12. Has everyone gotten over the panic of registering for classes. Where my Tuesday PHARM 210 pals at!
  13. I’m not sure but anjela said she’d email us in August with more information about classes so we will probably find out then
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