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  1. I believe they are aiming for hybrid so mix of online and in class (most likely for labs). Which is nice to practice on hand skills and to meet your peers!
  2. So far, my experience at Western seems more MSK based. We start MSK related stuff in term 1 and we start cardioresp in term 2. According to the curriculum on Western's site we continue both and neuro into year 2. In terms of placement, I know we need to be exposed to all 3 branches of physio at least once but I am unsure whether we have more cardioresp opportunities than UofT. I know cardiac rehab programs are primarily in hospitals and Toronto has more hospitals downtown. To my knowledge, London doesn't have a lung transplant physio program but UofT does at Toronto Gen. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey! First year MPT student at Western and I wanted to give my insight. I cannot recommend Western physio enough. The courses are structured so well and the instructors are amazing. Not only are they very knowledgable but they have the students' interests at heart. I am a shy person but I find myself being able to ask them questions in labs without fear of being judged or incorrect. Due to COVID, the profs switched to online format last minute and did so fairly well and maximized communication to the best of their abilities (ex. Zoom office hours, emails, forum questions). In terms of pla
  4. OMG SAME! I received my call at around 10am and spelled out my last name twice to ask if she was calling the right person. She responded by also stating my address LOLL. I was also lower third so don't be worried! Congratulations! Also for future ppl: Applied + (PT or OT?): PT UofT, Mac, WesternAccepted: Western Waitlisted: Western Rejected: UofT, Mac GPA: s-GPA 3.86 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essays were decent as I got them proof read by my MD and PharmD buddies. Interviews were bad. References were decent. One was from a PT I volunteered for for 1.5 yea
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