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  1. Mac tries to protect the profession since its growing and you can see it if you're a current student like me. Until the PA profession is secure like the US, people will use it as a stepping stone to med and dent. Personally, I know 3 PAs who went to MD either directly after graduating or within 2 years of graduating. Gives you a leg up in med school too since you know how clerkship runs, you re-learn didactic stuff and add onto your knowledge and have connections to the specialty fields that interest you.
  2. As a midlevel PA, I'd have to sell myself to employers showing the need for a PA in order to get a job. Doesn't even mean I'll have a job in 2-3 years if funding goes away. Literally seen three PAs beg for a job since their funding got taken away and no hospital wants to create funding for them. There is barely any job stability compared to physicians and although mobility is limited, at least physicians can potentially practice all across Canada. PAs can only practice in 4, provinces so being a midlevel ain't all that good.
  3. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Dentistry is suffering from different challenges...saturation is high in urban centres and the ITD/foreign exam route is graduating more dentists each year. There is an article that I read that stated dental income is down in Ontario recently due to saturation, and is projected to go down even further. Buying a practice is expensive in urban areas and to find good work as an associate, you may have to drive out of the city to rural areas (which doesn't work for everyone). Combined with corporate dentistry expansion, you are looking at associate
  4. Sure dentistry isn't as great as it used to be, you still make a great income. Oversaturation is an issue with ITDs but if your willing to work slightly outside urban centres, the pay and work schedule is great. I've only heard positives from my dental friends and they're relatively fresh grads. Choose whatever career you feel is best for you, don't underestimate the fact that you'll be doing this for the rest of your life (or a big chunk).
  5. If anyone is interested in MMI tips or practice, I'm a current PA student that can help you out and give you tips for the 3 PA schools.
  6. AGPA: 4.1 MCAT: 508 IP 1st time applying...what do people think? Decent chance if I don't bomb casper?
  7. Would never vote for Trudeau..and the NDP is on its way to being (almost) wiped out because of its leader. Hoping for Scheer to pull through and get a minority government with the BQ. Biggest issue is probably cost of living/housing affordability but immigration/asylum seekers and healthcare are up there.
  8. Is there any way to lobby or bring up the issue with the licensing boards that Canadian PAs should be eligible to write and gain license in the USA? I find it unfair that US PA grads can practice in both the US and Canada whereas Canadian PA grads are limited to Canada. I'm willing to engage and bring up the issue (or support others who want the same thing) so that there is access to both job markets.
  9. I received a LOC today for 90,000 from Scotiabank at Prime with passport visa infinite fees waived while in school. Hamilton branch near Mac, resident of Rural Manitoba
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