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  1. Tough decision man! First off don't be too hard on yourself, being a non trad is a strength to your applications, interviews, and future career as a doctor. Maybe you already answered this but when does the Australian school start? And how much is the fine for backing out? If this is for next year intake I absolutely would apply to as many Canadian schools as I could. The application fees and a cancellation fee are so small compared to the convenience of matching to a Canadian school. If this is for immediate intake then I would accept the Australian offer especially beca
  2. That's a tough decision. I wasnt sure which Monday so sorry if this is late. I personally would pick option 2 but it really depends on where you are at right now. Option 1 - Depending on what you think, it might be nice to start working right away and pick up where you left off. You also get to stay with your class. However, I'm not sure what to think about the time off between graduating and residency - You would start working on your Carms App around August and would submit in November and then would have tons of free time before Carms. This might be beneficial if you could take extra e
  3. Probably most popular is Toronto notes. For practice questions Qbank and Uworld are also popular. LMCC also offers practice exams but they are very pricey and don't come with explanations. However, they give you a great feel for the test style. I ended up just using Toronto Notes and did one LMCC practice exam.
  4. Medical school admissions will always be imperfect. People that would have made fantastic physicians will continue to get rejected and people that should never be physicians will continue to get accepted. However, the opposite is true as well, and hopefully, the majority (from my experience), are great candidates. I completely agree though how frusterating it is to watch great people get rejected. What I do find hopeful however, is that medical schools continue to refine their admissions process. They continually try to improve it and seem to keep shifting their focus towards trying to find go
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