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  1. I just started medical school and I am hearing that it is important to have an online presence as a medical student. How helpful/important is it to have a LinkedIn as a medical student? or any other platforms?
  2. Has anyone in the Montreal area or Ottawa/Gatineau area been able to get their vaccinations checked by a nurse and do the tests needed? I don’t have a family doctor and all the places (CLSC in Qc for example) I called are telling me that they won’t be able to see me until August because of Covid.
  3. I only interviewed at Ottawa and I don't see the button.
  4. How important is it to fill all the ABS entries? I am aware of the "quality over quantity" but is there a certain minimum number of entries to be considered "competitive"? I have about 15 entries and I can't think of anything else... How do people fill out 30-35 entries (or used to, since now it's max 32 entries)? Do you know people that have gotten interviews with only 15-20 entries? If you've been on the honour's list multiple times or if you've gotten a bursary multiple times, do you enter them as one entry or multiple entries? Thank you!!
  5. Hello, I have a question regarding admission at uOttawa. Does it make any difference to the admission process if I changed programs three times during my undergrad? I want to apply to uOttawa in September but I'm wondering if I'm still eligible even though I switched programs multiple times - let's say I decide to apply during my fourth year, does it impact your admission to have 30 credits in program 1, 30 credits in program 2 and 30 credits in program 3?? Thanks!
  6. There also is the 106 that stops in front of CHEO and it's a short walk (less than 5 minutes) through the catwalk that links CHEO - RGN - The General Hospital.
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