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  1. I strongly recommend you make a written account of everything that transpired and share with your co-op coordinator. They are there to help you through these situations. I feel there are very few instances where your supervisor is allowed to straight up fail you unless you were found grossly incompetent or deliberately ruining things. It's more than likely your coordinator will be able to help you sort everything out if it's simply a disagreement.
  2. Nothing is certain but my opinion is that they wouldn't drastically change the process and it's more likely this is how it was done all along. Even if they did weigh the panel in previous years, I'm sure would they would make the panel pass/fail for the in-person group of interviews this year as well in order to preserve equity between the two groups.
  3. I believe in past years the panel was also more of a formality and/or pass/fail. If anything this just gives us insight into how they have been doing this admissions process all along.
  4. I think that's a good thing! It means you already covered all the different bases they were thinking of and had a well thought out answer.
  5. What did you guys think of the difficulty of the questions? To seem they seemed like pretty basic MMI questions -nothing too unexpected or unique.
  6. Hello! So I'm confused about how Queens does evaluations pre-interview. Is it 1) They use MCAT and GPA as cutoffs, and everyone who survives the cutoffs are judged on ECs + reference letters and those that have best ECs and Refs get interviews Or 2) Whoever survives the MCAT and GPA cutoff is assessed on everything (mcat, gpa, ec, and refs) and those with the best score get interviews
  7. Just wondering, does anyone have any insight into what the point of them asking whether your non academic activities were part of co-op or course credit is? Is that activity counted less or more or something?
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