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  1. Sorry but do you know what these numbers are like for Ottawa? And why do you think getting a queen's rejection is moreso luck btw?
  2. Sorry which table shows these numbers ?
  3. Great way of putting it, nice to see that it's not as bad as I thought haha!
  4. Well I think the 3 year program + no summers for research really does hurt some folks, wouldn't you say? I'm personally aiming for something along the lines of PM&R or EM (so both lifestyle specialties continuing to get more competitive lol), but I'm very open to changing my mind and don't wanna go in with a bias. I'm just worried the shortened period might have me rushing and not picking the "perfect fit" specialty (if there is such a thing).
  5. Yah I've also heard UOttawa scaring their students into backing up into fam med a lot, don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Also idk if UWO is high on MCAT anymore, since their cutoffs are pretty low now with the introduction of those essays.
  6. Do you think the whole "gunner" atmosphere will hurt your chance of matching, or is that just more of an issue with dealing with annoying people lol? If you're going for a decently competitive specialty like EM for example, do you think going to UofT would hurt since you might not have the chance to make strong connections, especially if you wanna do your residency at UofT as well?
  7. As title says, what is each Ontario med school known for? I know queen's for example is small class and high prof:student ratio, so maybe better one-on-one learning and a tighter community. Western seems to have a strong surgical training program, but that's probably more for residency rather than med school. What are each of the Ontario schools known for, and what are some misconceptions??
  8. I've noticed people on the invite/regret page differentiating between paid and volunteer research. Does it really matter? I thought the end goal was the experience and hopefully a publication. Wouldn't a publication as a volunteer be a bit more impressive?
  9. Hey folks! For the confidential assessment form, are the referees that write them required to provide their contact info? If so, how are they contacted? I'm having a bit of trouble as my referee isn't good with English at all. so he will be having his son helping him write my reference. But the son is quite young and isn't comfortable with being contacted by the adcoms. If the Adcoms ask a specific set of questions, I can just let my referee know so he can prepare a proper English response in case they do call. I guess it won't be an issue if they email him but I'm guessing that method is
  10. I completely get your point. I guess I worded it completely wrong. What i moreso mean was when you go to the lower to mid impact factor journals, are they gonna really stop at every applicant and compare how one journal is impact factor 3 while the other would be ranked better because it has a factor of 4? I guess this just shows how clueless us premeds can get hahahah. Would love to hear what you think though as a med student
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