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  1. If they're doing statistical analyses of past years, then I'd say it's nearly certain that the ABS will not be looked at.
  2. Though you're ignoring those who were negatively impacted by the virus. Why should you have a chance to increase your cGPA and not them?
  3. Giving everyone the exact same treatment seems pretty fair to me
  4. I wouldn't exactly equate their general, public website, which may not have been updated, to emails directly sent to current applicants. Funny how everyone here takes the time to type out a response arguing their point, but unfailingly top it off with "this is all meaningless, nothing is knowable, stay in the dark lol."
  5. Of course most of what has to do with Queen's is pure speculation, but the point is that this quote: "The Admissions Committee uses the objective evaluation of your MMI performance, as well as your File Review, to determine your ranking amongst other applicants. Prior to making an offer for Admission, the Admissions Committee reviews individual Panel Interview performance." is evidence nonetheless. And I don't see how you can interpret this as the panel not being a screening, i.e., not affecting ranking.
  6. Uoft released a statement saying that Canadian schools are working closely together on this to not disadvantage current and future applicants, so I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Though definitely reach out to individual schools to see if they may have updated info.
  7. This is not the case. You lose wGPA entirely if you drop below a full load during any year.
  8. Possibly to compare to applications they haven't gotten to yet since they have a finite number of interview spots.
  9. You have to fix your mindset. If you go in expecting to do poorly, then you'll do poorly.
  10. Cutting you off for talking too long doesn't sound too far-fetched, though I don't know about it specifically being 4 minutes. Either way, it's good to be concise.
  11. I used both the AFMC's and Western's data, which accounts for wait listing and/or over-offering (whichever they do).
  12. No. If you think about a desktop computer, the PC itself doesn't have any equipment (keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.), but are then individually plugged into the corresponding ports to create the usable system. It's the same idea when using external devices with a laptop and its ports.
  13. From a technical point of view, an external keyboard is no different when tracking keystrokes. They're probably using it to see if you're copy and pasting from elsewhere.
  14. Don't get me wrong, ECs are definitely important, though I think this is quite the exaggeration. For example, almost 40% of UofT's applicants did not get their applications looked at, i.e., did not meet the 3.6/3.0 GPA and 500 MCAT minimums, or were missing prereq/degree requirements. This makes 90th percentile MCATs and 3.9 GPAs a notably small subset.
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