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  1. Is this only possible because you're in a Northern City? How much of a hit would your gross income take if you tried this in the GTA?
  2. I guess I just have a hard time understanding how there can be increasing demand for surgical services and an ageing population but nothing being done to address these needs. Do we just accept patients will forever have to deal with increasingly long wait times? I guess I had a small hope there'd be increased government funding or something to alleviate this problem.
  3. Maybe it's just me being naive as a pre-clerk, but shouldn't the job market theoretically improve? Canadians are getting older and will require more healthcare while there is already a physician shortage across Canada. Wait times for surgeries are quite long and almost every surgical association expects them to get longer. Wouldn't there come a point in time where jobs would have to be created just so patients get timely care? Also it seems a lot of surgeons are on the older side, for someone entering medical school now, is it naive to expect a large number of surgeons to retire 10 years down
  4. I'm interested in EM because on paper it seems like a great fit for me, but I wasn't able to shadow it before the coronavirus situation. I was wondering if any EM docs, residents or students who have worked in an ER at a community hospital in an major city could answer my questions: 1. I've read that a large number of cases don't need emergency care and should have gone to their family doctor. Plus there isn't a lot of variety and most of the cases are chest pain/abdominal pain/chronic back pain. Is there truth to this? How much acuity and variety do you get to see? 2. How often do y
  5. This is extremely helpful, thanks for sharing. Would you make any changes to this approach if going for a surgical speciality and/or a competitive speciality?
  6. I was going through the CaRMS data and I saw that in 2018 28 UofT students went unmatched in the first iteration. It was 20-21 in 2016 and 2017 and 13 in 2019. Anyone more knowledgeable have a possible explanation?
  7. Will I need a competitive (i.e high) step 1/2 score or will just a pass in both do? I definitely want to do my residency in Canada.
  8. At this point it just seems to be between either Scotia or RBC and if one offers something better you can expect the other one to match it soon.
  9. Haha I'm going with Scotia because they're offering me indefinite fee waivers, but RBC was only giving me 4 years.
  10. Oh okay thank you for clarifying! This thread is disheartening as I'm interested in surgery and want to practice in the GTA at a community job but hopefully things improve in the future. Do you recommend students interested in surgery write their USMLEs in case the job market in Canada doesn't improve, so they can at least go to the states?
  11. By community job does this refer to rural areas in Canada? Are surgical jobs at hospitals in the Toronto suburbs and GTA also just as difficult to get as the big centres downtown?
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