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  1. I think you are referring to salaries in the US, where they definitely were higher in a 60's, 70's and 80's. You see US physicians echoing this, but I think they forget that salaries have fallen in all sectors after the 80's not just in medicine. This is why you need two incomes to run a household where in the 60's you usually just had the man as the breadwinner. I think this is due to jobs being outsourced to China and the introduction of women in the workforce. When you have twice as many people in the workforce, the commodity of labor goes down and companies start paying their employe
  2. Weren't physicians income really small which is why we saw the brain drain to the US. From my understanding Canadian physician incomes increased in the late 90's - early 2000's to keep more physicians here.
  3. If you plan on staying there in the summer, then go to Calgary so you can become IP for both BC and Alberta. This alone will give you a bigger advantage than anything else. And if you are in grade 12 and you want to move away for uni, then I suggest going to a Sask university. Sask IP has such a huggguuee advantage it's almost ridiculous.
  4. IS it really that easy for Canadians to work in the US after Canadian training? Jnuts on here who is an orthopod on here says that it's difficult unless you have a US greencard. Can you explain this a bit furthut? Is it because of the higher taxes in Canada?
  5. On a different note, I know some programs have started to request undergrad transcripts for a while now. How much does this affect you in Carms for the competitive specialties. I speak as someone who had a horrendous GPA my first 2 years, and I am worried that this will hinder me in Carms.
  6. Optho is in no way shape or form "easy" to match to. Optho and plastics are always competing for the number 1 hardest specialty to match into. As for Rads, its usually between the 3rd - 5th hardest residency to match. Getting a Cardio fellowship after a GIM residency is also no easy feat as it's the most competitive fellowship of GIM. As for CT surgery, there are only around 10 or spots in all of Canada, but there are only like 2 people at each med school hoping for CT surgery. It's one of those specialties where they would rather a spot go unfilled than chose a sub-par candidate. Hence,
  7. Right, we lack government funding which is why there are no med school seats and no jobs for specialists/surgeon. But, as our population ages the government will be forced to open up new seats because we will absolutely need MORE doctors. But, with less taxpayers (as boomers get old, we will have less working people and more old people to support) they will have to cut corners somewhere and that might mean lower compensation for physicians. Looks like they are only proposals. But I am doubtful whether it will turn into anything meaningful. Apparently the same thing happened in 2008 wit
  8. I can't help but think that one day it won't be as good for physicians in Canada as it is now. The only reason med school seats are so restricted is because they need to keep the supply of docs low so salaries can stay high. But, it is pretty clear that our society NEEDS more doctors. We simply don't have enough to go around and with Canada's aging population on the rise, this will only increase the demand. So as the boomers get old, we will have more old people than tax payers. Our government will be scrapped for money and the deficit that covid created, we will have to pay for this also
  9. OH gosh! Just reading that made my heart sink. This might just be the saddest statement I have heard on this site.
  10. I definitely know this is going to be me, can you explain this a bit more? I feel like if you are shooting for something competitive, like optho or plastics you really don't have a choice, now do you?. All of your competitors will have been gunning since day one of MS1. I think if you know for sure you don't want anything hyper-competitive then this advice applies, but this doesn't work for everyone.
  11. This is what I was thinking. After all it is only a proposal. I don't think we need another med school in GTA area, this would just make things super saturated.
  12. Both US and Canadian schools don't look at age when considering an application so being 38 won't help or hinder your application. I think all Canadian schools will look at both your first and second degrees when calculating GPA, except UCalgary. They have a 10 year exclusion rule where after any courses you took 10 years ago won't be looked at for calculation GPA. So I think if you apply three years from now, they won't look at your GPA from your first degree. And I think any "Clinical trials" experience you have had will only help your application from the EC point of view.
  13. Looks like there is talks for a new medical school at Ryerson. Links: https://www.insauga.com/new-medical-school-will-make-brampton-a-university-town Don't know how I feel about this :/ If new residency spots are not created along with an increase in funding for more physician jobs then this would only cause more strain on future med students and grads.
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