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  1. Now that you have had the experience studying and taking the MCAT a 515+ should be very attainable. Also a 508 is an exceptional score, so now you have gained the confidence that you can do well.
  2. If you can improve your MCAT by a couple of points, it would be really beneficial
  3. Those are pretty good stats, did you not get an interview on your previous tries?
  4. Won't NP and PAs be more cost efficient? If anything when budgets cuts come, the NPs would be at an advantage cause they don't charge as much as physicians.
  5. While planning to do my degree I am wondering how fluid are med school admission requirements? The schools I am applying to don't have any pre-reqs and don't look at ECs and work experience. Should I have any concern for these metrics to change in the future? I am not planning on taking OChem, Biochem and Physics and I am not focusing on ECs as much because of the requirements. Can they change these, if so I don't want to be locked out because of it.
  6. I see this said over and over again where everyone assumes oh its just so easy to get a +$250k job in tech/law/finance. The percentage of people in those jobs is so small and is probably more competitive than getting into med school. Also realize the people that are in those jobs are constantly worried about losing their jobs to younger talent and a bad market. Most people will not hold those positions for the rest of their careers and will have to take on a more regular paying job at some point. Medicine is pretty reliable where just following the well beaten path is enough to get you into th
  7. Happy to discuss more. Not a lot of universities give preference to rural applicants other than NOSM and U of M (I may be wrong). At U of M your application gets a boost multiplier if you have rural "roots", rural work experience or rural volunteer experience. There are also multipliers for socio-economic factors like if you come from a dis-advantaged background. The reason for the rural preference is because Manitoba has a hard time keeping docs in rural communities and the research shows that med students from rural communities are more likely to practice in a rural area after graduating.
  8. I think moving out of Ontario is definitely a good idea. I don't know why people downplay this, it's so cutthroat in Ontario. People would rather go international and pay USD $200k+ for a medical degree rather than move to a different province smh. When deciding where to move consider if ECs are more of your strong suit or academics. If you excel in ECs, then moving to Alberta or BC would be better since schools there care more about ECs. If academics, then either Sask or Manitoba (I am pretty sure both don't look at ECs whatsoever). If you are planning to apply in third year then you have to
  9. I think the only question you have to ask yourself is whether you are willing to put up with long commute times and really high rent. If your desire to live in Toronto outweigh those cons, then you are golden!
  10. Recently the subreddits of r/medicalschool and r/medicine have been flooded by frustrated med students and attendings complaning about mid-levels. They are taking about how the increasing autonomy of NPs and PAs is endangering patient safety. People have mentioned how mid-levels are on med school admission boards and they have began taking on the roll of teaching new residents. Also med schools have been telling their students propaganda about how all positions in healthcare are equal and nurses should be paid the same as doctors. All of this is horrifying to listen to and I am wondering
  11. Since the Carms matching is a lot more subjective than the US matching system which is based on test scores. What can you do to put yourself in the best position to match into a competitive specialty like plastics? If you were aiming for plastics from day 1 of med school is matching feasible? Or is it hyper-competitive like med school where even perfectly qualified applicants will get rejected. If you don't match into a specialty, can you try again the next year?
  12. My first two years of university sucked. I got a 1.7 year the first year and a 2.7 the second year. I really wanna get into med school and am willing to do whatever it takes. I suppose most med schools will drop my first year gpa. For my second year, in the Fall I got a 2.7 and in the Winter all courses were Pass/Fail because of COVID. So, this Fall I have transferred to a smaller university and started a new degree. I am in my third year of undergrad and am taking all first year courses. It will most likely take me another 4 years to complete my degree, so I will be in undergrad for a
  13. That is unfortunate. So when going through Carms, I guess you should select a residency that is employable in Canada and moving to the US is not an easy out.
  14. Would a resident from a small city like Brandon be considered rural or would they have to be from Thompson or Churchill? Also if your institution is on a 4.3 scale and A+ = 4.3, A = 4.0, A- = 3.7. Then does U of M consider A- a 4.0 still?
  15. Question: What to do if you don't have a facebook?
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