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  1. All med schools in Ontario don't have an IP bias except for McMaster and NOSM.
  2. Ortho isn't a particularly competitive specialty. It is a bit competitive on the french speaking side, but not really for english programs. I don't think it should be very difficult to match into.
  3. Yes for your Calgary and Alberta should be easier than Ontario schools, but all Ontario schools except McMaster and NOSM don't have IP bias and they evaluate all applicants equally. So defiantly apply to Ontario as well.
  4. So for UCalgary, they won't consider GPA as part of your application. You can also email them and ask them questions. As for the competiveness both Calgary and Alberta are completive. You need to apply to both to have a chance, and more Ontario schools too. Good luck.
  5. Are the overhead fees realistic in this chart? They seem deflated compared to the overhead listed on the CMA profiles.
  6. I thought the interview was in MMI format. Would you be at a disadvantage during the interview if you don't have any ECs?
  7. 150k-200k for NPs is really on the high end and most likely its the rural NPs making this kind of money. Yes that is more than Peds sometimes, but physicians at the same hospitals are likely making more than average also. If a NP in Pediatric is making 200k, I assure you that the pediatrician at the same hospital is making well above average for their specialty. Also, if a pediatrician is making 120-130k it sounds like they aren't working fulltime. I don't think we really have to worry about NPs making the same as physicians. Because who in their right mind would want an NP or a physician
  8. I really don't understand why we can't just do standardized testing like USMLEs for residency matching. Like yea it sucks and no one likes it, but its wayyy better than the total subjective and secretive process we have going on now. Matching into a competitive specialty is so much more stressful here because you literally don't know what you should be doing. At least in the US, there is a path to follow.
  9. If you go on the Carms website, you can view all the residency programs in all specialists and it lists the application requirements. There you can check which ones require it. I don't think I saw many FM or EM programs requiring it, so you might be safe haha.
  10. I think we all have different view points. I believe in personal responsibility and don't need the government to look after me. And I don't believe in putting a higher tax burden on the rich just because they are well off. Also, when I see politicians talking about raising the taxes it doesn't sit well with me because I damn well know that it won't matter because the government will still continue to spend money like it grows on trees. I have worked for a federal government agency before and saw first hand how irresponsibly the government spends taxpayer's money. I saw how completely use
  11. That is because mcat doesn't do tests past sept. You need to wait until the test dates for 2022 come out.
  12. Please get back to us when you are an attending.
  13. It's not necessary at all. I am pretty certain US and Canada are the only countries with this requirement. Since a medical degree is considered an undergraduate degree, the majority of doctors around the world start med school after high school. I personally would prefer to start med school right after high school because my main goal has always been med school and undergrad just feels like a weird in-between limbo phase where on most occasions I wonder to myself whether I am wasting my time. But at the same time, I was a pretty average student in high school and don't think I would
  14. Yea but I don't really want Canada to turn into Europe. If I wanted to pay high taxes, I would go live in Sweden. I believe in personal responsibility and don't need the government to look after me.
  15. Looks like the NDP wants to increase taxes on people making above $210k. I honestly didn't think taxes could go any higher in this country, but here we are. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/singh-ndp-commitments-announcement-1.6138156 I just can't believe that the government can't distinguish between the ultra rich and the high income professionals who are making an honest living. Like why is someone making multiple millions each year taxed at the same rate as someone making 250k. The hostile nature in which the government treats physician is sickening. If shit really does hit
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