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  1. Hello, I have: 4 first author publications and a book chapter A masters degree current job is doing psychological assessments on patients (patient experience) Multiple awards, scholarships and funding my issue is my gpa is low (2.71) but I’m willing to take courses to raise it, however the best I might be able to get is a 3.0.. my province is NL but I lived in Ontario for 3 years for undergrad
  2. Hi - So I realized a bit too late in my academic career that I'd like to pursue med. I have a masters degree and I'm working as a researcher doing psychological assessments on patients and I have 4 first-author publications. My plan was clinical psych or phD, which I was competitive for. I also have over 10 academic awards and scholarships and funding My gpa is so low though. Its a 2.71 (my masters GPA is a 4.0 though). I calculated I'd need 15 courses with a 4.0 to raise my undergrad GPA to a 3.0 which is McMasters cut off. Is it even worth it? Are there any schools that would disregard
  3. I'm wondering what Canadian med schools add bonus points to the admission process for completing a masters degree?
  4. I've seen some statistics that show people with a 3.0 GPA have gotten accepted (McMaster, MUN, etc). I'm wondering if anyone else can suggest other Canadian schools that are lenient like this? I have a masters degree and many first author publications and awards so I'm hoping that'll help me where my GPA is bad.
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