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  1. it wasnt hard it's just that I was not well prepared and not familiar with the online format of interview
  2. boy I feel I did horrible on this online interview.
  3. Mb. I received invitation on April 1st, I was thinking about interview schedule instead of invitation May 2nd
  4. so it is confirmed https://www.ualberta.ca/governance/media-library/2020-03-19-exec-special-meeting-materials.pdf This kinda sucks coz the only year that I am taking 10 courses is this 2019Fall to 2020Winter and I have not finished my prereq yet.... I bet a lot of you would be emailing the faculty see how the GPA would be determined if there is no GPA availble for winter 2020. I guess I will just wait here for someone to share the respond received from Anjela. Thanks in advance!
  5. I wonder how many applicants will they be receiving this year. I just got the email about interest rate increasing from student loan and considering the province budget, I feel like the tuition fee is going to soar to 27k per year. I hope that I am wrong
  6. you should go ahead and apply through either apply alberta or the launchpad. You should find the form there, you do not need to email the form to anyone for this cycle.
  7. Prereq: all A's so far except for English 6* (only need to finish Microbiology in winter 2020). In the email, Anjela said that some of the prereq courses are simple a check for completion so I did not bother calculating the GPA. 2 years most recent: to be determined, most likely to be 3.49 (2.8 gpa from the last year's 21* credits of my previous Bcom Degree in 2015, but they say it will be counted towards my most recent 60* GPA). Best 30 credits: 3.97 (If I can score 4.0 again in winter 2020 then it will be 4.0) Work experience: Worked in hospital,long term care and public heal
  8. Congrats! I am in Uleth too, first time seeing someone from Uleth confirm their acceptance here lol. I would like to ask few questions: 1) Is BIOL3400 an acceptable course for micrb requirement? or did you took BIOL3400 from Uleth or you did it somewhere else? How difficult is BIOL3400(someone told me lab is a nightmare)? 2) did you do a full course load for your last 2 years? Thx
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