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  1. Omg that sounds like a horror story. So sorry to hear that you're going through this...
  2. sherbrooke has 10 weeks of elective time before carms, and not many elective options to begin with
  3. School reputation also matters a lot in the US. It's not just the CV and Step scores but also the name of the school you did your MD at.
  4. in quebec? i didnt think surgical assist was recognized..
  5. Derms are worried because 99% of dermatology is outpatient, so there's really nothing stopping fm from capturing more of that clientèle other than clinical knowledge/interest. FM docs are the gate keepers after all. And the derms who work in the community (i.e have their own clinics) want to do primary care derm and cosmetics, they don't want to manage treatment resistant diseases or prescribe biologics. (I'm literally not kidding, I overheard a derm saying how he wanted to make his clinic 90% cosmetics... What a waste of dermatology training imo). Everyone knows medicine in Canada is a b
  6. Anecdotal but heard about an ORL resident being offered a transfer spot in plastic surgery residency. I would assume that it would be quite difficult from a non-surgical specialty though
  7. It's super common to only work a few days with a preceptor before asking them for a letter... Your preceptor is just an asshole.
  8. i mean this is true for all provinces, everyone applied to everything/everywhere
  9. I would argue that business oriented people should do family medicine, lots of flexibility to shape your practice and to innovate/feel fulfilled in the "business" aspects of running a clinic. As someone who is business oriented, I find working in a hospital sucks the soul out of my body because there are too many factors outside of my control that could so easily be optimized. And most specialists end up working in a hospital.
  10. Is the specialization is not recognized, how can they call themselves GP sleep specialists and have a practice like that?
  11. Thank you for this. I think it's so important to talk about income potential. It's not the most important factor, but it is an important factor because medicine is a job after all. And it's really difficult to make career decisions with so little information.
  12. Is this true for UofT family medicine as well?
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