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  1. Thank you for this. I think it's so important to talk about income potential. It's not the most important factor, but it is an important factor because medicine is a job after all. And it's really difficult to make career decisions with so little information.
  2. Is this true for UofT family medicine as well?
  3. keep an open mind, the worst thing you can do is have tunnel vision on one specialty because you have carms-anxiety from day one, this is the the rest of your life, take a step back and reflect more. Understand the full extent of the "opportunity cost" of medical training.
  4. I don't even remember what organic chemistry is You'll learn everything you need to know for medicine in your medical training, that's how it works. And for the record, you don't really need to know any basic sciences... It turns out, medicine is exactly what everyone it is, just a lot of memorization of random facts and recipes.
  5. Second this. I think a lot of med students don't realize the full potential of family medicine because as students, we're only exposed to "academic family medicine" (the typical office, ER, hospitalist, obstetrics, etc.). There's lots of potential to modulate family medicine practice based on your priorities, there's literally a billing code for almost anything. Ex: if you want to increase income, make sure your billing model advantages you for your type of practice, do more procedures (the high earning specialties: rads, ophtho, derm - have all realized that volume is how you increa
  6. Quebec! Yes no overhead, he works in a "GMF", so the overhead is payed by the government and they have great supporting staff (social worker, nurses, psychotherapists, etc.). Planning clinic is like sexual health (IUDs, abortions, etc.)
  7. What province? I know someone who does 2 half-day clinics, 1 day of planning clinic, and some teaching days and makes 220k. New grad.
  8. How many hours do you work per week?
  9. About to finish med school, feeling much more salty and cynical than I expected. However, it might be because of my specific program since a lot of my cohort feels the same way. I'm wondering, why do you guys feel salty & cynical?
  10. Out of curiosity, would you be able to take 6 months off at a time without a locum as a pediatrician?
  11. Not difficult, I think a majority of those in private practice do at least a bit of cosmetics to help with the overhead, but it just kinda sucks going through 5 years of residency to do what family doctors/NPs can do.
  12. Does it really ever end though? From what I observed, it's super stressful landing your ideal job, and then if you work in a hospital, you still have to climb the ladder as a new attending (the older attendings get priority over picking call schedule hours, etc.), there's a lot more politics in medicine that I ever could have imagined. It seems to me that the only way to break free is to do community medicine...
  13. I agree with this, except that Derm isnt super high-paying everywhere in Canada. You'll have to break into cosmetics for the big bucks as well.
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