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  1. Only Queens, it's honestly unfortunate that it's a requirement...
  2. I didn't even have a family medicine core (I have no family med rotation), and it's now my first choice... Still applying.
  3. Interested in this too. Can a GP specialize in sleep medicine, if so, what billing codes would be appropriate?
  4. Shocking that a doctor would take the time out of their day to write a negative letter... Would've been better for all parties to just refuse to write one
  5. You have to seek those opportunities. Lors of medicine hackathons, but generally, it's difficult to be "useful" as a medical student unless you have your own idea/technical skills, since we often don't have the clinical experience that makes us useful as clinicians part of a startup team. You can PM me, I'm very interested in health startups
  6. Not to mention the royal college exam for some of these is brutalm (i.e derm)
  7. I know that telemedicine (as it is being doing right now during the pandemic), pays extremely low for family doctors, it's less bad for specialists. Not sure how the ones who do true telemedicine (dialogue, maple, etc.) are payed.
  8. I've heard about this but I don't understand how they know that you're working in 2 places and why this rule is in place. Why can't you, for example, work 4 days at the ER/walk-in clinic and then work 3 days in private (telemedicine, cosmetics, etc.)?
  9. Yeah this is important to stress. You can either live for your work or work to live. If you're the type of person who would prefer working really hard over retiring, then by all means, it's worth it. I find it difficult to understand how someone could enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night to drain an abscess and also deal with the rest of the hospital's administrative bullshit. Or even dealing with the patient who is diabetic, has a gangrene on their foot and refuses foot amputation and expects a miracle cure, so you offer to do a partial amputation to help his healing cha
  10. If you work private (non-RAMQ remunerated), can you work wherever you want in Quebec?
  11. https://www.albertadoctors.org/services/media-publications/presidents-letter/pl-archive/possible-changes-hpa-self-regulation-concerns?fbclid=IwAR03ESeJaXMVRDLL-SYC0scwW9ub7c80KLUdljQoNwZ2fR7CJB_rPtxK1y4 Posted by one of the AB docs, a summary of potential implications: Proposal 1 – gives additional power to the Minister of Health to make unilateral changes to: 1)Registration and practice permit renewal; 2) Continuing competence and practice visits; 3) Inspections; and 4) Professional conduct to respond more quickly to pandemics, citing current experience for continuing and long-term
  12. lmao, since we do "problem based learning" and don't have any lectures (we're expected to read chapters from textbooks like Harrison's), 90% of my medical education comes from videos, especially for the foundational sciences.
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