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  1. If you get off the waitlist, how do they notify you?
  2. I am in the exact same boat - accepted to UofT and on the HWL, and I plan to accept Western if offered for similar reasons as you.
  3. Result: Waitlisted GPA: 92% (also finished masters) DAT: 21PAT/21AA/19RC ABS: Quite diverse, some research and lots of jobs/volunteering. Lacking on shadowing and dental specific activities. Interview: Felt it went okay, answers were fine but did not feel a connection to interviewers at all. Does anyone know how the waitlist works? How many typically make it in off the list or have heard what their rank is (I just emailed them today about it). Any info would be great. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  4. My opinion, which seems to go against what others are saying in this thread... I felt that my interviewer and I had a great connection, and it felt like a natural conversation. While my questions were not about dentistry I was able to spin them in a way that brought in my experiences and tied them into dentistry well. Me and my interviewers were laughing, talking about my experiences and I felt like they got to know me well. I do have a lot of interview experience being a bit of a mature student, and I do feel like I could have gone longer (we went for 24 min) but overall it felt good.
  5. TIMESTAMP: 11:13 GPA: 3.96 DAT SCORE: 21AA, 21 PAT, 19RC YEAR OF STUDY: Completed Course-based MSc IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: Invited
  6. I do not have a biochemistry course. Last year I applied with 2 organic chemistry courses (with lab if it matters) and no biochem. Does this mean that I am no longer eligible to apply?
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