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  1. Hey guys! I'm currently studying at USask but I'm originally from Ontario. I was looking in to doing a transfer credit this spring but I was wondering if it would prevent me from getting IP status through completing a four year degree?
  2. Hi a bit off topic. I'm from Toronto and USask is my second choice atm due to the fact that you can get an IP status if you study there for 4 years. What is the city like? Do you know if it is looked down upon to do this (i.e will they give you a strike during the interview)? And do you think it's worth it? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I just got accepted into URegina's premedical studies. I'm also applying to USask for physiology and pharmacology but haven't heard back from them. Between these two programs, which one would be the better option? Would URegina's program be more similar to a health science degree whereas USask would be more similar to a bio degree? Thanks!
  4. I honestly don't know where I stand. On one hand, it must be horrible living in a province that doesn't have enough doctors. On the other hand, why am I punished in Ontario? If the government REALLY wanted more doctors they'd open more seats and make it less of a rat race. Just seems to me that they don't want to pay the taxes... I also don't understand these people saying "if you really wanted to be a doctor then you wouldn't mind applying for 5 years" and then turn around and get salty about people getting in on their first shot. I know med school and residency are going to be hell, bu
  5. Don't take my word for it but yes it is true. However for me it's unviable because there aren't any uni's up there and I do not want to do an online degree.
  6. No I really can't. And I'm really sorry that you have had to do that. However I don't see why people are shitting on me for not wanting to do that. I want to he a doctor and that's that; 9 years from now I want to have my MD and be done with it. I don't want my masters. I don't want my PhD. I don't want to do another UG. I just want my damn MD. That's it. I agree it's stupidly unfair; why should I have to move half way across the fucking country to have a decent shot at becoming a doctor? That's ridiculous. Unfortunately, the system is what it is. It's not my fault that it's made this way
  7. Ikr... Like good god I feel like some people are projecting their own anger and furstration about not getting back into into med onto people who get into USask. I hate how people fetishize suffering.
  8. Why are you acting like you're so much better than Saskatchewan? So what if it's easier to get into? That doesn't make it worse, if anything people going to Saskatchewan are smarter than those who don't.
  9. And yet the acceptance rates in Ontario are the lowest in Canada... Would you recommend trying out Sask? At least I have a decent shot of getting into USask vs UC and UoA from what I've read in this thread.
  10. What year are you applying to? I'm looking to do USask's Phys/Pharm program in fall 2020 as it seems like the best program in the province imo.
  11. Hello. I'm a grade 12 student in Ontario and to maximize my chances at getting into med school I want to study in either Alberta or Saskatchewan. From the statistics I've seen, Saskatchewan has a higher acceptance rate but Alberta has two med schools. Which province is better to get IP status?
  12. I've been thinking that but I've seen that Saskatchewan has a much higher acceptance rate of over 60% for IP applicants. However I'm not too sure.
  13. Honestly me too... Currently USask is my top choice because it'll allow me to get IP status but I don't want to go all the way out to Saskatoon for no reason...
  14. I looked into that (would MUCH rather live in St John's) but for Dal they require you to be an "independent student" (i.e be financially independent and not a university student) for 3 years in any Maritime province. So that just leaves MUN and the acceptance rate for USask is much higher.
  15. What uni's are in the territories? I'm a high school student and looking to go for a trad route atm. I looked at Yukon College (it's a university) but they don't have any science degrees so I wouldn't be able to do any prereqs lmao.
  16. I'm leaning towards Saskatchewan but I've heard Alberta is also a good bet. What's the best province to get IP status? I'm an Ontarian student.
  17. I'm an Ontario high school student and I've done a lot of research on med school admissions in Canada. I noticed that USask has BY FAR the highest acceptance rate for IP students and that their criteria for IP status is ridiculously easy to get. My top choices before were McGill, UOttawa, Western, and UBC but now that I've seen this I think it's down to Western and USask. I feel like I'm missing something here because it really can't be that easy to get IP status in Saskatchewan.
  18. So if I took a gap year I'd have to take a full course load? Why can't I just take a gap year? I'm really confused...
  19. Thank you for this. I think I'm going to take a gap year abroad and work then come back to Canada for uni. I'm not too considered about my marks so applying in a year won't be that big of a deal. Thank you for this; this really helped.
  20. So back to my question; would it be unwise to study outside of Canada? Should I just take a gap year and differ my acceptances (or reapply) and go from there? Thank you so much for your response!
  21. Yeah for this reason I don't want to go into medicine outside of Canada. If I'm going to be a doctor I want to be a doctor in Canada (though I'm open to other careers). I really do not want to become an IMG and from what I've heard being a doctor in Ireland is hell, though I'm probably wrong about that. I'm not too sure about France though. I have cousins in France, though I'm not too pumped about the racism there (I'm half West African).
  22. I'm going into grade 12 next year and I have the possibility of becoming an EU student. I was thinking of going to a university in the EU (France, Ireland, or Germany) so that I can save a lot of money on tuition. Plus in Ireland undergrad degrees are only 3 years so I could take a gap year without feeling like I "missed out" (which isn't really something I feel anyways). I was wondering if this would harm my chances of getting into a medical school in Canada? I am an Ontario resident and my place of residency would mostly likely not change due to healthcare (I am type 1 diabetic and probably
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