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  1. Yes nap time is correct, I was waitlisted for interview lol. I highly doubt I’ll get off that waitlist as I’m sure not many people will decline a 15 min interview. The email itself is the generic email saying how many people applied etc but it included this paragraph: “At this time, we have included you on our waitlist for further assessment. Occasionally, vacancies occur during the admissions process, should this happen, you may be contacted (by telephone or by email) for a panel interview.”
  2. Got my R, except it says I’ve been included in the waitlist? Does everyone’s email have that or do I actually have a chance lmao
  3. Time Stamp: 9:54 AM Invite/Reject: regrets GPA: 3.88 CARS: 128 Casper: Not good enough to make up for my average gpa and cars I guess. Kind of upset but not surprised. But also worried about all my others apps because I felt like this was one of my better chances. Geography: OOP
  4. I applied to 8 USMD schools. R from Dartmouth, Hold from NYMC and Penn State, Interviewed (12/2) and waitlisted (12/6) at Wayne State, and complete silence from Sinai, Columbia, Emory, and SLU (my top choice ). Stats are 515, 3.88, graduated from US undergrad.
  5. According to MSAR they no longer accept Canadians unfortunately
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