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  1. The interest rates are all the same with the big banks on their professional student plans. Typically, the incentive from one bank to another is the loan cap (when I applied they offered different amounts). The big 4 offer different perks with their plans as well (unique credit cards, gift cards stuff like that) so just shop around and see what you like. You can also switch your LOC from bank to bank as you wish if you decided you don’t like or like something more from another bank. Yes, OSAP does provide loans for dental school. Depending on your situation some of the money could be
  2. Kudos on the gpa improvement!! Apply to western for sure, they take your top 2 years for gpa. Crush the DAT and you’ll be a solid applicant
  3. If you can’t get them done in time the campus clinic can do them for you. I’m assuming admin will be pretty lenient with deadlines given the current situation so don’t fret
  4. I’d say probably yes but not to the extent you’d think. Shadowing hours are likely weighed the most. Afterwards, ECs become something you can use to talk about personal development. They don’t really need to be dentistry related at that point. Your ECs should highlight attributes about you and show you’re a good fit into the profession. Things like leadership, teamwork and research are all transferable regardless of what field you were in. From personal experience I can say that yes there are people who have lots of dentistry related ECs BUT there are also lots of people who either only s
  5. Typically mid to high 80s give you a fair chance if you have a good DAT and EC history. Western seems to weigh your essays and ECs more so than UofT so factor that in. Assuming you’re from Ontario those 2 are your best bet. If you have to apply to other provinces then you’d likely have to aim for high 80s to low 90s. Having a low 80 average in Canada (being an Ontario resident) isn’t “competitive” on its own BUT can give you a shot if you have high DAT scores and a good EC profile. DM me if you have any questions
  6. A lot of the perks are the same for med and dent. Banks group you into a category of professional students. Just call them and ask. TD offered something similar.
  7. It’s not required but strongly recommended. I didn’t have a lot of hours but, ended up doing a weeks worth of shadowing before I submitted my apps. You should try your best to get some experience before you apply. At the very least you’ll be able to see if you actually like the profession.
  8. As soon as you get your acceptance. Just shoot an email to the admissions office and they'll send you a standard letter.
  9. Just need to go to your bank, ask to speak with a professional student loan advisor. They'll ask you to show a piece of government I.D. and your proof of enrolment (email the school for a letter). CIBC and Scotia-bank are probably the top 2 right now. Basically, CIBC is the bank that always sets the bar for the loan amount and other banks update their terms shortly after. All the banks will offer you some different perks with their packages so just shop around and see what you like. Also, once you're in school and for whatever reason decide that another bank is offering better terms and
  10. I would just register for it and do the MDT. The schools that don't take MDT won't look at your score, so it doesn't matter if you do it anyway. Worst case scenario you have to do an extra section on the DAT but, best case scenario you keep your options open for other schools.
  11. From my experience neither of them require reference letters. UofT recently changed their admissions process so I would follow up with the admissions office to clarify. Hope this helps!
  12. Pretty sure Western just takes a full years credit count for “one” year. Meaning a “first” year is just the full credit count of 1000 level courses for one year. For upper years, in order to consider a year there needs to be at least 3/5ths of the appropriate year level courses (I.e. 3/5th 2000 level courses for 2nd year or 3000 level for 3rd year). So if your transcript shows the appropriate course codes they should decipher the year level based on that.
  13. Hey, I didn't do the soap carving section but, I can speak to how I studied for the PAT. Since the Canadian DAT is paper and pencil I tried to get PAT workbooks and practice with them. I went to my school bookstore and just picked up the DATReady perceptual ability book (it had 3 full practice PAT sections). I just did a quick google and found the link: https://datready.ca . So maybe that could be useful for you. I also used the DAT Bootcamp app because it had a PAT generator and was free. I used it to practice on the go (bus rides and breaks etc..). Another great tool that I found was t
  14. Admissions office usually takes about a week or two after the deposit deadline to have everything processed. I'm assuming when they're all settled there may be waitlist movement if the class list isn't full. Best of luck!
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