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  1. Hey, I am not sure when you will be notified, but the last day to accept/reject offers for me was the 19th of May. I would assume you will hear back shortly after that, depending on those who rejected their offers. Hope that helps!
  2. The deadline I got to accept/decline offers was the 19th of May. I assume that more offers will come out after the 19th or even before, as they know more! There are a 100 seats in the program from what I have heard, so don't give up!
  3. Thank you! I am a mac alumni! Don't lose hope! I think they are still processing applications, you will know shortly!
  4. I've seen official FB groups for other years run by the McMaster GH program! But we could make an unofficial group!
  5. I just accepted an offer on mosaic! Did not receive the email yet. Hopefully will meet you guys in September!
  6. I called them today, and they said that they "have sent out acceptances and may be sending more". Assuming that they are waiting for people to reject offers before sending out a few more offers, waitlist etc. Good luck guys! "
  7. That makes sense to me, but I guess we can only wait to find out. I don't want to be pessimistic about this, because they did say that these decisions were not coming out by a ranking order. But it makes sense that they would send offers in the first week, and waitlist/rejections in the second.
  8. I don't think so, because the admissions people told that admissions come out till mid May. It is hard to know though, because it seems like a lot of offers are already out and there are a few spots.
  9. What time have the acceptances come out? waiting for these emails is exhausting LOL
  10. Interesting.. I called them too today, and they told me that acceptances are being sent on as-per a ranking order! We should hear back until 15 May. I am not sure I will get in at this time (due to a low academic average), but definitely working to improve that for next year!
  11. Oh wow, that is interesting. I didn't know that some Canadian applicants have heard back already.
  12. Hey everybody! I am thinking of applying to UBC med as an OOP, and I just meet the percentage cutoff grade (86%). I have good ECs (research, long term volunteering, military service, global health) and a Masters degree. I was wondering what is considered to be a competitive percentage grade for an OOP applicant?
  13. Have any Canadian applicants heard back yet? This is getting more nerve wracking by the day
  14. I read somewhere that International applicants will hear back in mid April, while Canadian applicants will hear back in mid May!
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