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  1. I am an international medical student (Canadian studying abroad) and plan to take the MCCQE1 exam in a few months. I am wondering what are some of the good resources people here have used and recommend to do well (not just pass) on the exam? Also, how much dedicated study time for the exam is recommended? I also plan on taking the NAC OSCE after my MCCQE1 exam and also wanted some advice on resources for the exam and whether anyone here has any prep courses they recommend for it?
  2. I am currently an International Medical Student (Canadian Studying Abroad) and my goal is to come back to Canada to do a residency. I am currently looking at doing either a Family Medicine or Psychiatry residency program and have a few questions regarding doing electives in Canada. 1) Which schools in Canada have Family Medicine and Psychiatry residency programs that are more International Medical Graduate friendly and therefore more likely to accept International Medical Graduate's for residency? I would like to know as I would preferably want to schedule electives at those schools
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