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  1. You can go to an english college, get super great grades and apply for Mcgill pre med which is only one year of university before going straight to med school
  2. Hey everyone! Good luck on your interview this weekend if you have one! I just finished mine! Feels great to be done! ( I am a military applicant) Enjoy!!
  3. There is no french stream per say but I am sure you can incorporate that as a strength somewhere in your application... like I did my nursing degree in English when I could barely speak a word of it but with hard work I succeeded and got a scholarship for finishing second in my cohort
  4. You should have gotten the email last week to confirm you status, if you haven’t got it you should send a message to mdadmit@mcmaster.ca havd a good day!
  5. I emailed them, apparently a lot of people did not get it, their programmers are working on solving the issue, she said they will send them all again when it’s resolved!
  6. I know a few friends that got in, it is EXTREMELY competitive! R score of at least 36..( my friend had 40 and 38), lots of volunteer work, try to have one consistent one over the years( hospitals are always looking for volunteers), school club, sports... everthing really
  7. I also did the DEC-Bacc path, however on my university transcript it is still written as a 90 credits undergraduate since they just take your CEGEP course and put them on your transcript as equivalence. Verify if your transcript says 60 or 90 at the bottom.
  8. Hey! I am a military nurse in the reg force and applying to the MMTP program. I am also a mom of two, currently on maternity leave. Let me know if you have any questions!
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