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  1. Thank you for your insight. All of the courses that are passes are not pre-reqs fortunately. I’ve emailed them but they haven’t replied for a few days now, I may call in.
  2. I updated my first year situation, I didn’t want to explain the breakdown fully due to the potential of it being identifying to admissions. Anyways, I suspect you’re right, I’ll send an email to them
  3. Hi folks, I was wondering if I was eligible to apply this cycle, and if so, what the wGPA calculation would look like given my circumstances: 1st year: 3.60 GPA (5 courses one semester, 4 in the other, 3 pass grades—2 in one semester) --> Extenuating circumstances 2nd year: 3.90 GPA (5 courses each semester, 2 pass courses in one semester) 3rd year: 3.98 (6 courses each semester - overloaded) 4th year: 4.00 (6 courses each semester - overloaded) Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Thank you for this. Hmm for UBC I may have to take another english course blah... but yes potentially! Also I’m interested in rural medicine (from a small town) so I’ll likely apply this cycle to NOSM since my ROI is ok (17)... although not from Northern Ontario so its probably still a long shot.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing. How many times did you write the MCAT? I’m writing in January and taking organic chemistry to satisfy the new Ottawa prereq then I guess I’ll go from there!
  6. Firstly, thank you everyone for the guidance. One final question, am I still eligible if I had one semester with 4 courses in first year (total of 9 courses in the year) and two pass courses in my first semester of second year (but full course load). So would that mean both my first and second year aren’t calculated for my wGPA? In third and fourth year I had a full course load, with one semester overloading. Would that be (1 x 3.98) + (2 x 4.0) / 3= 3.99?
  7. I’m at a road block, I just finished my undergrad in May. After facing many tribulations in first year I finished with a 3.3 gpa (later diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability). I finished second year with a 3.9, third year with a 3.98, and fourth year with a 4.0 (while overloading). My cGPA isn’t nearly competitive enough for most schools and I feel like schools will never be able to see past my first year grades. My extracurriculars are strong and I’m taking this year to decide if medicine is an option for me. I haven’t written the MCAT but I know that’s my next step... I also just don
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