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    Although the semesters with more than 1 pass fail course will not count towards wGPA calculation, the credit itself for the course might still be taken into consideration (the exception might be the pre-req classes where they need at least a B). I would not lose hope just yet, email them and see.
    Mr Duck
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    I had similar/lower stats and was accepted to 2 Canadian schools this year (including one that looks at cGPA).  I also wrote the MCAT after graduating undergrad because I was discouraged by my GPA. 
    I don’t think at this point you need a second undergrad or MSc because of your GPA esp because a lot of schools have weighted GPAs.
    I suggest writing the MCAT, seeing how you score, applying once and then re-assessing depending on if you are invited for interviews  
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    You have a great 2nd,3rd,4th year gpa ! I would research more about the schools and how they weight the gpa ! there is a chance that they don't even look at first year courses and you will be fine ! I know from my research about dentistry that Uoft takes a year out if you did a 4 year undergrad.. you will have to do your own research about the med schools that you wish to apply to.
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    Look at the schools weighting formulas. E.g. Toronto lets you drop a bunch of bad grades, Ottawa looks at only your most recent 3 years, etc. You may have no problems. 
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    western, queens, ottawa, uft, dal, ubc and more? im pretty sure none of these schools will even look at your first year gpa with weightings applied. you're perfectly fine, if anything, your weighted gpa is high 
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    Ontario Wise; Only Mac looks at cGPA and their cutoff is lower because of that, UofT uses wGPA if you took a full course load, Queens and Western last two years and UofOttawa uses wGPA where  they use 3 years and the first year grades are multiplied by 1 then , second year by 2 , third year by three and averaged; your cGPA is about a 3.79 and your wGPA is all 3.9+; 
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    The wgpa for ottawa only looks at the 3 most recent years using the same weightings you just described, no inclusion of any year x4. GPA year 2 x1, year 3 x2, year 4  x3 is how it would be if 4 years have been completed by time of application. (also not a big deal but averaging comes after summing all years, to avg after multiplying each year would result in the same original number without weighting) 
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    You’re right sorry; I edited my post 
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